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How social media affected the movie industry

by James Murphy

Social media had had a huge impact on the movie industry. The way we watch movies has changed drastically over the past few years. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are more channels to advertise films than ever before. There are also many ways to target audiences, such as using an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo. This is important because it means that studios can now reach an audience of people who might not have been aware of their film or don’t live near a theatre at all – which is what they used to rely on. You can use these same channels after the release of your movie to create a buzz for your next project and keep your audience engaged long after its initial release. It’s no longer just about getting people into theaters on opening weekends; it’s about keeping them hooked.


What is social media, and what does it do for the movie industry?

Social Media is only about the biggest revolution in the digital world, enabling billions of users across the globe to communicate in real-time with friends, family, and businesses. More than half of the world’s population have found this innovative and creative means of reaching the most effective and efficient, giving them entertainment, engagement, and up-to-date news at the click of a button. To give you an idea, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram boast 2.6 billion and 1 billion users respectively. Social media has altered the movie industry landscape tremendously, with over 46% of box office revenue being dominated by digital media.


The pros and cons of social media movie promotion

Facebook has proven to be the best digital media platform to boost revenue, but platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are equally excellent resources, and these platforms come with the bonus of allowing you to link them. Social media is an excellent strategy to promote ticket sales, and marketers have seen value in social media especially when it comes to creating excitement and keeping fans in the loop. However, filling cinema seats is driven primarily by a marketing strategy that knows its limits and understands its audience, and a vocal fan base is unlikely to just let things slide. Because social media is all about engaging with an audience, how well you carry this out will largely determine your success. This can however work against you as well as fans can air their grievances. In addition to this, social media can be quite a spoiler for those that share a little too much about an upcoming release, and this may result in people feeling as though they’ve already watched the movie.


The future

Digital advances have already altered the movie landscape and narrowed the gap between traditional methods of consumption of movies, and what we have today. Consumers are regularly demanding higher accountability from brands when they mess up, and this ranges from something as small as an incorrect image of a well-known character to how they deal with their fan base. In addition to this, streaming services have disrupted the lives of many studios, with people leaning more towards watching movies at home, and the old lure of a cinema is simply not what it used to be. It is clear that strong social media campaigns are extremely necessary to marry the two worlds, but likewise, brands must be aware that the demands for perfection are even greater. We need to face the fact the social media could very well be the future of the movie industry. There is no doubt that these two fields will continue to interconnect, or perhaps even collaborate in the future.


Social media is popular and often essential for several obvious reasons, and its impact on the movie industry is undoubtedly one of the most controversial topics of discussion. The evolution of social media has changed the way that the world operates in general, but for some reason, the actual benefit of it on the movie industry lies in an uncomfortable balance of wanting to get something new to get noticed and gain more fans, without causing an audience to nit-pick and loose interest. The only certain thing is that social media is here to stay, and like every other industry, the movie industry needs to adapt to make this relationship work.



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