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How to Grow Your Movie Niche Page on Instagram

by James Murphy

Instagram is a social media platform that, in many ways, mimics the beauty of life. We can see the world through someone else’s eyes, as we scroll through their feed. It connects us with others we may never otherwise have met.

Do you have a passion for movies? A niche page on Instagram can provide a super vibrant location for you, from where you can entertain others with your wide range of captivating stories about movies, actors, and actresses, from different decades, genres, and backgrounds. Whether you want to promote one of their latest projects or simply share behind-the-scenes shots from films, your genuine passion will be evident to everyone, if you ensure that it is accompanied by deliberate efforts. If you’re interested in joining this community of film enthusiasts and influencers but don’t know how, read on, as we will share some useful tips on how to grow your movie niche page on Instagram.


  • Engage in the comments section of your page
    Make sure that your content is relatable and that it is sharable. The latter means that you create such a feeling of excitement, wonder, or interest in your followers, that they feel compelled to share your post. This is how others then come to know of your existence and your numbers will rise. These two factors are crucial to your success.

There is more to it than simply creating captivating posts though. One of the most compelling values of social media and networking service platforms is the opportunity to have a 2-way conversation with your audience. On Instagram, the post is very much about the visual, but not solely so. Your concise piece of copy which accompanies the image or video should elicit a response from the reader. If you do this well, you will not only see numerous likes, but also comments and perhaps questions. Likes are an indicator of how good your content is, and users usually value content by the number of likes – if there are quite a few, they will probably like it too. Thunderclap sells auto likes for Instagram which is a great way to add value to your posts, and to be honest, the bigger the number, the better engagement. Always review each follower’s response and engage with them further, 1on1, by replying to their specific comment or question. This will make each individual feel seen and heard. This strengthens their loyalty, your credibility, your following, and the longevity of your page.

  • Research other movie niche pages on Instagram
    Instagram is a platform focused on photographs and images, so a movie niche page fits this bill extremely well. Niche or theme pages are trendy on Instagram. Usefully, starting a niche page is a road well-traveled by many others before you. Guidance is therefore easily available and one obvious place to access it is by looking at what fellow movie niche page hosts and their enthusiasts are doing online on Instagram. You will quickly see what these hosts are doing very well and perhaps less so. Don’t look to compete. Do what you do incredibly well and create something that sets you apart. Similarly, scroll through the feeds of some of their followers. What are they actively sharing? All this data, if analyzed well, and cleverly applied, will provide you with a solid foundation as you launch.


  • Post about movies from time to time
    Pages that post consistently will see higher rates of engagements than those who don’t plan a calendar of content. Post every day. Don’t be afraid to post more than once a day. Valuable content at least daily, or you will become irrelevant and all the work you have done to that point, may be wasted. Ensuring a diverse approach to your content is also a must. Don’t only post a 30-second snippet from a movie once a day. Share an interesting fact about a movie. Tell your followers about something behind the scenes they’re likely to not have heard about. If the movie required incredible makeup skills, tell them about the head of the makeup department, their background, and why they are brilliant. If awards were won for makeup, there is likely a related video. Share it. Layers and texture will have your followers coming back for more and more.


It will certainly help if your niche page is something that you have a passion for. Be patient. Give it a couple of months of consistent attention and you’ll soon have a happy and healthy following of fellow movie enthusiasts.


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