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TikTok Trends Inspired by Movies

by James Murphy

Do you like movies? We love them, and we think they provide an incredible way of helping us to release whatever emotion that we’re feeling inside. It’s evident that movies are fun, exciting, and therapeutic all at the same time, and interconnect with many aspects of our daily lives, one of them being social media.

TikTok is a popular social media platform that is used to create and share short videos. With almost 690 million users worldwide and many ways to increase followers, TikTok is a sensation that’s found a niche in the younger generation for its creative real videos that keep up with trends and even set new ones. Businesses have also found success using the platform and take advantage of the many growth services, such as TokUpgrade, to buy TikTok followers. As it turns out, some of your favorite movies have inspired trends on TikTok. If you need a new reason to procrastinate, check out these awesome movie-inspired trends!


Megan is Missing

This controversial horror movie from 2011 was given new life thanks to TikTok. It tells the story of two teenage best friends, Megan and Amy. After chatting to a boy online, Megan disappears and Amy begins the grueling task of searching for her. The movie has been banned in New Zealand largely due to its over-sexualization of teenagers that is seen as exploitation. This same movie seemingly went viral overnight as more and more users on TikTok were intrigued enough to look into it again, affording the movie what is known as cult status, and starting the #meganismissing challenge and reaction video trend that sees them reacting to the more graphic and disturbing scenes in the movie.


Tall Girl

The second movie-inspired TikTok trend on our list is a movie about the tallest girl in school who falls in love with a foreign exchange student. This results in a crazy love triangle that reveals more insecurities about her than just her height. The stand-out that our influencers picked up on was the scene when Jodi complains about her life being harder than others because she wears size 13 Nikes. – #peopleproblems. Avid TikTokers were quick to latch onto this, with a variety of trends that would roast the film claiming that the tall girls’ problems were not that bad. The message is that many are actually dealing with way tougher physical and emotional challenges.


Silenzio, Bruno!

Luca is a stunning Italian animation with a beautiful motivational message. Alberto tried to convince Luca to ride his Vespa off a cliff by telling him to silence his inner negative voice by giving it a name, Bruno. Luca instead uses this phrase to bravely deal with challenges in his everyday life. It’s easy to see why this became a trend, with TikTokkers using the phrase to substitute any sort of encouragement or suggestion. In addition to this is the infamous sound bite that’s used for various ridiculous decisions.


In the Heights

Who can forget the amazing scene from In The Heights with Vanessa and Usnavis’ massive fight, perfectly in tune with the song “Blackout?”, there is no doubt that this dramatic scene was contagious. TikTok followed through in a typical trending style with its creators re-enacting the scene, specifically the part where Vanessa walks away and switching it up with the swapping of roles. Creativity knows no bounds!


Antrum Challenge

In case you didn’t know, there is a horror film called Antrum that is allegedly cursed, and yes, that means even to watch. Pretty much along the lines of documentaries like the Blair Witch Project, Antrum is produced on footage that was found.  Viewers are apparently urged to proceed with caution, and TikTokers have definitely made the most of this with #foryou, #antrum, and #fyp that sees reactions to the #scariestmovieofalltime, after convincing themselves that they watched the most cursed film on earth.


TikTok has shown that creativity knows no bounds and that all it takes is one viral video to give rise to renewed interest even in movies that are dead. It’s interesting to see how contagious the influence is, and more especially, how this particular audience never tires of watching similar reactions to the same things millions of times. The trends are here to stay, so we might as well just keep them going. Anyone up for the Antrum Challenge?







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