17 September 2021 495 Views

The Movie Merits to a VPN

by James Murphy

It need not be all about privacy and politics, you know..

Think THE MATRIX. Neo gets into the whole revolution against the machines, initially, because the enemy cop onto his hacking activities. IE: He got busted for his hobby, online?!

I trivialise a tad. But, the analogy is apt. Because we all want, surely, to be plugged INTO the real life ‘matrix’ (ie, cyberspace / social media/ online shopping /streaming etc) AND maintain some sense of privacy, identity and independence. Right? Well, I do, anyway.

Which is why I recommend VPNs. They facilitate an access to a wider selection of media choices, across platforms. And they put a cap on the kinds of data that you are sharing out there for potential sale. It avoids you doing anything illegal and equally, fights the good fight in protecting you from enemy action.

At the most innocuous level, I like the idea of being able to use differing iterations of Netflix et al. Bigger, better selections. At a more serious level, it’s a relief to know one can enjoy the commercial freedoms of cyberspace without being slave to its darker dimensions.

As a starting point? I recommend a streaming VPNĀ 



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