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How can you integrate movies into your thesis?

by James Murphy

The sources of information when writing academic papers have expanded. Beyond books, students are required to refer to live streaming, online videos, movies, and such out-of-the-ordinary sources. Get professional thesis writing help from experts who understand how to mine information from all the possible sources and deliver the most captivating paper.


Movies are a rich source of information. They enrich your paper, helping readers to understand the discussion better. In some cases, the movies are a subject of discussion. How can you integrate the movies as a part of your thesis? Here are excellent insights.

As a subject of discussion

The prompt may require you to write a thesis on a movie. The movie becomes the subject in literature, film, and such art classes. History lessons may also involve the use of movies to see how well such productions capture events in history. Science subjects like medicine and physics may also analyze scenes and actions in movies as part of learning.

The prompt must have indicated the specific element of the movie you are supposed to study. Movies are like books. They are expansive and can be interpreted from multiple perspectives. As a result, you should choose relevant movies and perspectives guided by the prompt.

When the movie is a subject, you should watch it several times. The first time is done to familiarize with the characters, story, and scenes. You might not think too much about the details. It also allows the plot to sink without any bias.

Return to the movie with a keener eye. Look for the aspects that you are supposed to explore. For instance, you may look at the characters that you are supposed to discuss in your paper or the depiction of scenes. At this phase, you are allowed to rewind and pause as you take notes. The mind will be more conscious about the subject you are expected to discuss.

A reference material

Movies are recognized as sources of information, just like books and academic articles. The film industry has explored such subjects as world wars, famous people, and events in history with similar diligence as books. They involve universities and research institutions to raise the accuracy levels. It results in some of the most accurate and impressive movies.

Movies are also integrated into classwork as learning aids. For instance, a movie can accurately capture the life of a famous person, battle, or event so accurately that it helps the teacher to drive the point home. Movies are engaging and will help the teacher to drive the point home easily. It is for these reasons that movies are integrated into the thesis. Through this integration, they help students to understand the events, people, and ideas better.

How to cite movies in your thesis

If a movie forms a part of your reference materials or is a subject of study, the reader should know that you are talking about a movie and not a book or article in a journal. Here is how to integrate the movie into your paper.

Watch the formatting rules

Each thesis comes with unique formatting rules. The formatting rules determine the structure of your citations and references. APA will give you different entries from MLA. Readers will follow your arguments and the movie source based on the details you provide.

Review the instructions provided in the prompt for your thesis. For instance, APA requires you to list directors of the movie as the authors. The production company is listed as the publisher. List the title in sentence case and italics. Add the label ‘Film” in square brackets at the end of your reference. Get the best research paper writing services in US to help you craft your thesis.

Use samples

Samples have already executed the formatting and citation instructions. Obtain the samples from a credible source to guarantee their accuracy. Some of the most reliable sources include the library as well as online databases. Discuss the samples with your tutor to understand how movies are entered in citations and references. You must capture the details of the movie correctly to avoid misleading a reader who might want to follow up.

Movies are increasingly forming a part of research paper references. You should watch the movie in-depth to understand and accurately capture the details in your paper. Capture the details of the movie accurately to make it easier to follow up and especially avoid misleading the people that come across your paper.


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