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Investment Opportunity: Be a part of an Important Film Project!

by James Murphy
Baked Beans’ is a short film shooting in Penistone in November 2021. It is supported by Barnsley food-bank and The Trussell Trust. Funded by crowd-funding and private investors. We would like to invite you to become an associate or executive producer on the project. This represents a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved in a true community project of the highest quality with long term impact.
Baked Beans’ is about a single mum who has managed to leave domestic abuse with a young baby and autistic son, but finds herself relying on a food-bank to survive. Written by a Penistonian Yorkshire lass (Jennifer Bulcock), produced & Directed by Yorkshire lad (Hugh Mann Adamson), featuring many supporting artists from the Penistone & surrounding area, with a cast and crew of Sheffield and Yorkshire creatives. It shows the struggles of someone living in poverty through no choice of their own, and how small acts of human kindness from various diverse backgrounds can change our world. For further information you can visit: Baked Beans a short film by Jennifer Bulcock – a Personal Causes crowd-funding project in Sheffield by Jennifer Bulcock (crowdfunder.co.uk).
Though set in the Yorkshire region it’s themes of family, disability, discrimination and the support of the community are universal. Now we need your help to get our ambitious film out to the world; the ultimate aim is to get enough interest from investors and producers to fully fund the film and submit to BAFTA qualifying film festivals.
Associate producer packages cost £250 (individual) or £500 (business), which gets your/your businesses** name featured in the credits of the film and regular social media posts across our platforms.
Executive producer packages cost £500 (individual) or £1000 (business). For this your/your businesses** name will be featured in the film artwork, credits and titles, regular social media posts, all PR, marketing and social media materials.
Not only will the film be heavily promoted locally through a series of events including the possibility of private screenings at some of south Yorkshires’ amazing independent cinemas, it will also circulate the festival circuit worldwide at a minimum. Best case scenario, we get to make the our film taking your businesses name right into the cinema backing this ambitious locally set short film!
Please do call or email us for a chat – 07801270600 / jennifer@jenniferbulcock.com to talk through ideas and options. We are keen to open this investment opportunity up to as many local businesses as possible.
Many thanks, 
Jennifer Bulcock Hugh and Gabriel 
Actress ENON Films


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