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 New vampire role would be suitable for Nicolas Cage

by James Murphy

Nicolas Cage will take the opportunity to take a step in the “horror” box since he will play Dracula in “Renfield”, a film devoted to the henchman of the famous vampire. 




Nicolas Cage is feeling well in 2021


At 57, Nicolas Cage has lined up so many productions that it is difficult to count them. Revealed in the mid-1980s with Birdy, the Californian actor has since become a well-known star in the Hollywood landscape. Indeed, the actor knew how to align the outstanding performances, as well in author’s films as in blockbusters between the 80s and the 2000s. After that time, however, Nicolas Cage started to star in just about anything and everything, garnering both praise and mockery for interstellar turnips. However, his love rating with many moviegoers has not weakened. Indeed, despite the fact that the actor is a little crazy, he is always appreciated for his ability to give his all for each of his roles.


Cage would be a perfect vampire


The Hollywood Reporter has therefore dropped the bomb: Nicolas Cage will play the vampire Dracula in a new Universal Monsters production called Renfield. One of the journalists from the Hollywood reporter was streaming that evening and many viewers asked about Nicolas’ new movie. The streamer confirmed the rumors and said that the movie would be really good. To get that kind of exposure during the streams, you can buy Twitch viewers. It’s important to gain more targeted Twitch viewers. 


While Universal Pictures had totally messed up with the Dark Universe project which wanted to resuscitate the famous monsters of its bestiary (namely The Mummy, The Invisible Man or even The Werewolf, among others) in Avengers mode, the studio this time saw smaller. Indeed, Renfield will be centered on the character of the same name, known to be the vampire’s submissive servant. The character will be played by Nicolas Hoult, and therefore supported by Nicolas Cage who will play this mythical creature of the night. For the little anecdote, this is not the first time that the actor crosses the universe of vampires. Indeed, let us remember Vampire’s kiss, a film released in 1989 and in which his character was a mental imbalance who was persuaded to be a vampire. The film has also remained famous for a mimicry made by Cage which has since become an oven for memes, gifs and other misappropriations on the Internet.



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