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Not Only About Love: The Future of Dating Apps and How Social Media Is Affecting It

by James Murphy


Dating apps are one of the fastest-growing verticals in the mobile app market. In 2020, 270 million adults worldwide were using them. This is almost twice as much as it was five years ago. The estimated size of the online dating market will exceed $8.4 billion by 2024 and will be overcrowded.

Social Networks as a Prospect for the Dating Development

Nowadays, dating is turning not just into finding partners for romantic relationships but also becoming a platform where people are primarily looking for like-minded people and friends. The main task of dating is to relieve a person of the feeling of loneliness and give them high-quality, highly personalized communication with Ukrainian brides or other interlocutors.


Over the past two years, dating app developers have managed to adapt to the rapidly changing user needs and continue to do so. It is still crucial to take into account the characteristics of the behavior and needs of people of different ages. For instance, those developers whose applications are used by a large percentage of zoomers should be especially attentive.


Research shows that in generation Z, most people use dating platforms for more than just romantic acquaintances. Many also want to meet different and new people and get out of the “echo chambers” of their space. Bumble already offers a matchmaking option called Bumble BFFs. Social media and the communication style we practice there are key factors in the growth and future development of dating apps.

What Language to Speak with Users

Of the multitude of marketing strategies that developers and marketers choose, only one conclusion remains: the user most of all wants to meet the person they need. And the decisive factor for the success of dating apps remains when and how to reach users.


It is crucial to understand when the application is launched most often, what are the key moments for the user, and why they turn to dating. Analyze: maybe those who send a message in the first days of using the application stay longer in it? Such data will make it possible to return the user to the application as regularly as possible.

Several basic tools can help retain users, regardless of the positioning of the application:

  • Push notifications

The most personalized messages engage users and make them trust the app more. It is crucial to pay attention to interests, age, activity, and send push notifications based on them.

  • Honesty

The simple truth is that one shouldn’t chase quantity — it is better to focus on quality. And it also works in dating. A great disappointment will bring the user the understanding that their potential partner may turn out to be a bot and not a real person. The reputation of a dating app is one of the biggest factors.

  • Point marketing

It is crucial to study user requests in the places where dating works. What and how fast are people looking for in big cities? And in more traditional countries? The same approach will not work the same everywhere, so point marketing should be an essential focus.



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