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by James Murphy

And I am happy to report that he is a thoroughly charming, polite, top bloke!

I was en route to Westminster today. Doing real life Tony Stark stuff with MPs, talking tech /innovation/infrastructure. Stopped for a coffee at Waterloo Station (itself a Hollywood haunt for Bourne, Ethan Hunt, Bond and many others).

Anyway: who should I bump into? But the God of mischief himself, LOKI. AKA, Mr Tom Hiddleston. An omen, obviously. A good luck charm sign encounter.

Now: how did I know it was he? Because it was unmistakably ‘him’. The jawline, even through a mask. He’s a LOT taller than appears onscreen. But the poor man looked to be on his own, even vulnerable.

No entourage. No security heavies. Just a bloke, checking for a train via the coffee stand. So whilst accosting celebs is not my thing, I just thought ‘what the Ragnarok’ and approached Tom.

I explained that I ought to either apologise to him for inventing click bait articles (that have him playing increasingly contrived reboot television characters). Or: thank him for the thousands of extra hits that happen when his name leads an article.

He smiled, laughed and was very modest, simply asking me my name and that of the blog (it’s ‘Movie-Viral’, dear reader, in case you had forgotten). Hiddleston was a massive fan already. Naturally. Yep. 🙂

I wished him well with his work. Including THAT big 007 prospect which he may or may not attain. But I was equally keen to emphasise to Tom that his talents will not be wasted if Bond does not happen.

He can play the baddie and would be great. Or just make Night Manager 2? I did, however, urge him to use his Marvel influence to return Tony Stark to life, because he and Downey make a fabulous double act. 

We fist bumped. There was an acknowledgement of our mutual Oxbridge brains (he’s Cambridge but nobody’s perfect..am an Oxford man, myself). And with that, we went our separate ways. Lovely man, Mr Hiddleston.

Girls: I see why you adore him. Casting agents: yes, I now ‘get’ this actor’s appeal.

Charming to a fault. Modest. Kind. Softly spoken. Unspoiled. As the 007 director, John Glen, once advised me: ‘James: best way to get ahead in Hollywood? Once your talent is established? Just be nice. Goes a long way‘. He was right, of course. Hiddleston is proof of that, today. Star quality, albeit in the most accessibly understated and gentlemanly fashion.

Now, this IS  a genuine story, readers. Random yet true. Which begs the question ‘why’ of all my many click-baity endeavours wherein Hiddleston’s name was dropped. I make no apologies for that. One day, I will have him sent to space in an article. Instant thousand extra hits, thank you.

And yes, I have been critical, in the past. But notice, never of the person or his craft. My gripe was more with certain perceptions of what he could or should do with his career.

‘Same way I have a go at Branagh, Tom’s mentor. Respect the person and the work, but expect and demand the best and never buy into easy hype. Satirise on occasion, if need be.

The Tom as Bond rumours, especially, amused me. For the simple reason that they felt manufactured, on slow news days, by lazy writers and desperate movie marketing teams.

IE: generate enough Tom = next 007 heat and bingo: everyone will watch KONG, Night Manager and LOKI. Just as online press immediately crown Page, Dornan, Stevens, Cumberbatch et al as Bond.  Anyone with a vaguely English connection and a movie to promote.

But that is rarely, if ever the actor’s fault, anymore than it is indicative of their suitability or otherwise to get the big part. 

And yes. I was not a fan of the new LOKI show. But that is simply because NOTHING can beat Tom’s comic and dramatic timing opposite big hitters like Downey in the original AVENGERS.

Mr. Hiddleston; it was an honour, pleasure and privilege to meet you. I wish you the very best of luck in all upcoming projects and secret auditions.

A thoroughly nice bloke. And very, low key. A star. Now, about that BERGERAC reboot. 😉 



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