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How Tom Cruise’s Most Memorable Scenes Might Be Filmed Today

by James Murphy


The long and hugely varied film career enjoyed by Tom Cruise has seen him appear in a large number of movie scenes, some of them filmed in Birmingham in 2021. Among them, we can find plenty of memorable moments, but how would the actor’s most famous scenes look if they were filmed today?


The Blackjack Game in Rain Man Would Be Online

This 1988 movie helped establish Cruise as a highly capable actor, although it was Dustin Hoffman who won an Oscar for his portrayal of autistic savant Raymond. Cruise plays his selfish brother, Charlie, in a film that became an instant classic. One of the highlights of the movie is when the brothers go to a casino and Charlie says, “Rain Man, let’s play some cards”.  

Raymond then uses his incredible math skills to help them to win at blackjack while they bond. Given the current popularity of online blackjack games like Premium Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack, modern viewers could relate to this game being played online. The presence of live dealer blackjack on the internet means that we could still see an authentic casino setting as they play.

Minority Report Could Provide A Better Car Chase

2002’s Minority Report divided opinions among critics, with some of them finding the storyline too convoluted and others enjoying the interesting premise behind it. But one thing most people agree on is that the movie provided a sharp. clear vision of future technology. This was the first film to have an entirely digital production design, with director Steven Spielberg updating Philip K.Dick’s original story by using technology like virtual reality.

What could change if the filming took place today? It seems fair to say that even more future technology predictions could be included, with some of them in the original movie proving to be correct and others not so much. One area that disappoints in this sense is the futuristic car chase with automated, electromagnetic vehicles. It seems possible that current technology could be used to give us a more accurate portrayal of future vehicles without losing any of the excitment. 



The Dance Scene in Risky Business Would Be to Different Music

When Risky Business came out in 1983, it was the first time that many people had seen Cruise, and the impact he made laid the foundations for his incredible career. If there is one moment that still stands out from the comedy, it is where he puts on Old Time Rock and Roll and dances along.

The song in question was recorded by Bob Seger in 1979, so it was relatively new at the time. If this iconic scene was filmed today it seems safe to suggest that they would use a modern tune. How would that affect our reaction to his dancing scene? It’s impossible to say, but there is no doubt that the original struck a chord with millions of viewers and if Cruise performed as well with a different dance it would surely be as much of a success. 

These fantastic movie scenes show us Cruise’s range of acting ability and work ethic, and any changes would almost certainly lead to equally effective acting performances by him.


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