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The Best Netflix Films Based on True Stories

by James Murphy

 Some true stories are stranger than fiction

There’s nothing better than being totally immersed in a film, waiting for the next plot twist or unexpected revelation. That is, of course, unless the film you are watching also happens to be based on a true story. There’s something extra special about films that are based on true happenings. It makes the story that much more jaw-dropping. So, whether you enjoy watching true crime, stories of the underdog, powerful women, or adventures in the wild, Netflix has got a selection of films, all based on truth, that should be added straight to your watch list.

Dream Horse (2020)

 There’s a new contender for the best horse racing movie

We’ve never been shy of upping our Netflix game at Movie Viral, but if you’re lagging behind on your viewing then the brilliant Dream Horse could be the perfect way to kickstart again. Seabiscuit took the world by storm back in the Great Depression and then again in 2003 when his tale was brought to the big screen. Since then the world has been crying out for another tale of an underdog at the racetrack, but none has come close until Dream Horse. This film follows the true story of Dream Alliance, a horse bought by a group of unlikely racehorse owners from Wales. The local landlady knows a thing or two about horses, so when the chance comes up to breed a racehorse of her own she asks her locals to chip in to help her achieve the dream. Hoping for it to become a handy point to a pointer, Dream Alliance proves to be more of a horse than anyone could have dreamt. This film is at times heart-wrenchingly sad but is also real food for the soul. If you can get to the end of it without debating buying yourself a racehorse then you’re a stronger person than most.

Molly’s Game (2017)

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction and for Molly Bloom, that’s certainly the case. Molly’s Game follows this incredible woman from the end of her career as an Olympic skier through to her new, slightly more underground profession. Molly starts to hold super high stakes poker games, attracting a clientele of politicians, musicians, actors, and more. Although she’s making a good living and providing A-Listers with some much-needed entertainment, it’s not long before Molly’s business gets noticed by the FBI. The film takes a terrifying twist and we watch as Molly is tracked down for her activities. This film will suit anyone who’s into casino games, but particularly those with a love for high roller poker. If you’d like to get some actual poker practice in before watching then Vegas Slots Online has a list of all of the best poker sites for high rollers. They independently review hundreds of online casinos to find the ones that stand out from the crowd. This could be because of their variety of games, their options for deposits and withdrawal methods, or because of the bonuses they have on offer. Whilst the stakes won’t be quite as high as in Molly’s games, the high roller bonuses can make a big difference to your play wallet.

Zodiac (2007)

If you were alive during the 1960s and 70s then the Zodiac killer with a 7.7 IMDb rating will need no introduction. This serial murderer was one of the most terrifying that America had ever seen, leaving cryptic notes for the general public to unravel in the newspapers. This film is based on a true account of the killings, but with a little room for creative flair. Robert Graysmith and John Avery are newspaper reporters played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. With Graysmith being deeply fascinated in the crime, he becomes involved with police inspector Dave Toschi played by Mark Ruffalo. Though Toschi tries to avoid it, they eventually join forces to try and stop the disaster from escalating any further. This film is a lengthy one at 157 minutes, but the number of awards it has won should speak for itself. 

Into the Wild (2007)

Another big hitter from 2007 was Into the Wild. This film tells the story of a young man who hopes to find himself by venturing out into some of the most formidable terrains in America. Emile Hirsch plays Christopher McCandless, a young graduate whose lust for adventure and the need to find himself leaves him in terrifying situations. Along his way he’ll learn a great deal about himself as a person and leave viewers on the edge of their seats, wishing for his safe return home. Expect beautiful vistas, snippets of wisdom, and plenty of heartbreak.



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