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Eight Breath-taking Movies about Student’s Life you can Watch in 2022

by James Murphy

Eight great movies that you can watch during your academic year in order to remain entertained, motivated, and determined to learn despite the numerous challenges that you experience during your pursuit of success. 

Generally, being a student is very hectic. Besides attending your classes and revising for your examinations, you are also required to attend to your part-time job, fulfil your family obligations, meet up with friends, and spare sufficient time to relax. Researchers state that students will have difficulty concentrating on their studies if they do not have adequate sleep. As students, the dawn of every year brings new opportunities and a chance of experiencing a new beginning. On the same note, it is a chance to reflect, revitalize, focus, and plan. 

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If you have sufficient time to relax and you are looking for an uplifting and inspiring movie to watch, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss several films that will motivate and inspire you to continue pushing on, even during days that you will feel like you are on the verge of giving up. One of the fascinating things about films is that they have powerful stories that can positively influence an individual’s life. Hopefully, these movies will positively impact your lives. 

The Forest Gump

This is one of the best movies every student should strive to watch. The entire film is filled with different emotions and innocence from one of the people in the top acting class, named Tom Hanks. This movie will positively impact your student’s life and change how you perceive different things. According to the film, Forrest Gump, whose real name is Tom Hanks, is a kind-hearted man. He witnessed and thereafter influenced historical events in the United States, such as the Vietnam war. Some of the important exteachings you will learn by watching the movie include: the power of bravery, kindness, love, dedication, and self-belief. Indeed, a person can achieve anything in life provided they are willing and ready to get out of their comfort zones.

The Whiplash

At first, you might find it difficult to understand the movie’s storyline. After watching it, I can say that it impacts a lot of brutal coaching, crazy practices, and deep passions, which might make a person feel offended by seeing the savageness in training and understanding the reasoning and ideas behind it. From the movie, I understood that sometimes it is challenging for people to control their emotions. On the same note, it is challenging for an individual to predict the events that will upset them in the future. However, one of the things which a person can control is how they will react to the events taking place. Although you might not be able to decide about your feelings, you can always choose your actions and thoughts. From the movie, you will learn that you should always grab every opportunity and avoid giving excuses. 


This is one of the fascinating movies regarding students’ college life. There are many things college and high school students can learn from the film. By watching the movie, I was surprised that a group of high school graduands went ahead to make their college upon being rejected by other high learning institutions. Apparently, one of the essential lessons I got from the film was that although getting rejected from a specific college might hurt a person’s feelings, it does not necessarily mean that they should give up on their dreams and ambitions. 


Once in a while, students can encounter various challenges that might make them feel impossible to achieve their dreams and desires. However, watching this movie will inspire you to continue pushing on even when everything appears challenging. The film is about working towards achieving your dreams regardless of what you hear from other people. The truth is that most people are an enemy of progress, and hence, they are sad when they see others succeeding. The actor, Rudy, comes from a small village where it is believed that people stay put. Although he wanted to play sports, he was denied the opportunity because of his size. However, throughout the movie, he sets to prove everyone wrong. 

All the Bright Places

The film describes what it feels like for an individual to deal with something uncontrollable, especially when you feel alone. Indeed, everyone you meet might be struggling to fight a battle, which is one of the reasons why we should always treat other people with compassion and kindness. From the book, students can learn that although a person might seem like they have everything figured out underneath, they might be battling with so many things. 

Good Will Hunting

The film, which Gus Van Sant directs, describes the story of a natural genius who works as a janitor. Apparently, he has a dark past, which stops him from becoming the best big thing in the area where he resides. He pushes everyone due to the abuse he experienced while a foster child. Some of the essential takeaway from the film is that education comes in different packages, and hence lessons can go further beyond the four classroom walls. It is indeed true that the past can shape an individual’s perception of various things surrounding them. 

Higher Learning

It is essential to note that high learning institutions are usually about experiencing and learning new things. The film is about three people: an African American star who was struggling with attaining excellent academic grades, a confused man who always appeared to be out of place, and finally, a naïve student who was tackling various issues on self-identity, academic mishaps, and racism. The following are some essential things you will learn from the film: students in high learning institutions should have equal opportunities regardless of where they come from or their skin colour. On the same note, every student should express themselves irrespective of their status in life or background. High learning institutions should provide equal opportunities for everyone. 

Hopefully, by reading this article, you will better understand breathtaking movies about student’s life you can watch in 2022. 


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