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The Problem with Putin

by James Murphy

I said no armchair General Politics. I lied. Sorry. When all of my friends seem so worried about a war? When innocent Ukrainians and indeed Russians are caught in the line of fire? When our Armed forces might be called to perform the impossible and give everything, for freedom? I can but vent and rant, via here. Sorry..

Nothing personal, Vlad. You have a toight body. Yes. TOIGHT. Macho. And in no way at all suffer an inadequacy/inferiority/repressed homoeroticism complex. Under other circumstances, I would be happy to wrestle bears with you. But, as they say in Russia: ‘Duty has no sweethearts’. And therefore..

..Can’t we just kill this fucker? Option on the table, surely? He’d think the same way himself! 
  • I mean: send in a nice girl (or boy: because that would explain a lot; blackops = equal opps) or nice friendly sheep. Get his lil mini putin excited (it is small: explains a lot), thereby distracting him . Polonium flavoured tea. Taste of his own medicine?
  • Which is what many of us wanted to do, when he came to the UK in 2018 and did a lil guided murder tour (they had t-shirts, caps, selfies, the works!).
  • If not? Makes one wonder why. Which brings me back to my theory:
1: Bigger bads lie ahead (China, Iran, less predictable and even scarier Russian leaders in waiting beyond Putin?).
2: Putin has already done the damage needed, made his point and basically, extorted more money and power, unopposed. Job done. So he can either leave Ukraine or plan his next world tour.
3: Russia will always be problematic. Because its territory is beyond taming or simple definition. Expansion or reduction; conquest or oppression: a lot of innocent Russians live in fear of both, regardless of regime. This is NOT the first time in recent history that said struggle has almost led to war with ‘the west’. Afghanistan, in the 1980s. Serbia, 1999. Etc. Never-ending, causal loop. Always on the brink, sometimes tipping over, mostly pulling back. 
4: In scheme of things? Putin is relatively clear about what he wants and how he intends to get it. In that sense, he is as much asset as liability. Easily read, accommodated and ultimately, of use in the management of other threats via proxy war.
5: From populism to pandemics, the last few years hosted an alarming cultural and geopolitical wave. From harmony to polarity; calm became panic or frightening complacency. Putin crashed that party, for sure. But he did not send out the invites. His current actions and the response incited just might be the test that defines our generation. Whether he lives or dies as part of that is almost an irrelevance, now.
My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone touched by this latest turn of events. God Bless. God Speed. x



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