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6 exciting movies about cars and racing to watch this night

by James Murphy


Street racing, massive crashes and complex stunts – movies about cars can be watched forever. We offer a list of new films that can compete with timeless classics. You can go for a marathon of your favorite films like “Transformers”, “Fast and Furious”, “Taxi” or “The Transporter”, or you can watch something less obvious and relatively new.




#1. The Cannonball Run


The most obscure old movie opens our list. It shows the most reckless racers who compete for a tidy sum of prize money. Races, as usual, have no rules. The main thing is to become the first at any cost.


There you can see probably the coolest production car ever shown on the big screen. The black Lamborghini with two pilots and tight-fitting suits is admirable. The audience sees only this car in the film, although it stars Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore and Jackie Chan.


You can drive similar sports cars by googling Dubai car rental Lamborghini. Rental services are very popular today and offer a huge selection of rental models, among which the Lamborghini will seem the simplest. Moreover, you won’t spend Hollywood budget to try driving rental Lambo – the prices offered by hiring cpmpanies are just awesome!


#2. Lost Bullet


This is a new French action movie about a car mechanic who transforms police cars into real street monsters to fight drug dealers. Simple patrol cars turn into rams that can destroy everything in their path without harming passengers.


#3. Tenet


Christopher Nolan’s new film will be remembered not only for its intricate script, but also for its car props. There are a lot of mass scenes with cars and car accidents in the film. And heroes drive not luxury iron horses but ten-year-old Audis, BMWs and even Saab 9-5s. The Russian audience may also like this movie because the main villain in the story is a fabulously rich Russian oligarch from London.


#4. Ford v Ferrari


A movie about the legendary car race at Le Mans with Matt Damon as race car driver and creator of special versions of the Ford Mustang GT 350 and GT 500 Carroll Shelby. His partner in the film was Christian Bale, who had lost a lot of weight for the role of British racer Ken Miles. A captivating plot and charming actors were able to turn viewers around the world into fans of many hours of endurance racing.


#5. Baby Driver


The plot of the film revolves around a young guy who loves fast driving and gunfights. He works as a driver for bandits and helps them escape from the crime scene. The second protagonist of the picture is the 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX Limited. After filming Baby Driver, this Subaru was sold on eBay for $69,100.


#6. Taxi


A genuinely rustic comedy about an unfortunate cab driver who is continuously in danger and adventure has become one of French cinema’s most commercially successful productions. In the early days of renting, Samy Naceri and his Peugeot 406 with a disguised body kit coming from under the bodywork were cult icons. However, the film includes many other noteworthy automobiles from well-known manufacturers.


The American auto industry is represented by a Jeep Cherokee brought from Australia for filming, a yellow Corvette, a Mercury Montclair, a Cadillac DeVille Convertible and Chevrolet Blazer.


You can see no less number of Japanese models, including 1988 Honda Accord; Mazda MX-5; Nissan 100NX; Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Carina E.



Check more movies here. Happy viewing!



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