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Why Do Video Game Movies Struggle?

by James Murphy

The second Sonic movie is currently in theatres and the general consensus is that whilst it re-captures some of the fun the first movie brought, it doesn’t quite live up to the games having reached a score of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes and another movie a long run of video game movies that has fallen just short – there are plenty of movies based on games on the fringe like casino movies or wagering similar to options found at betswagger, but the direct video game to movie translation typically falls short – what can be done to improve the track record?

Finding something that translates well to the big screen ­– The sad truth of it is that not all movies translate well when it comes to moving to the big screen even when the scale is just about right – Warcraft may be a perfect example of this as the 2016 movie based on the massively popular World of Warcraft wasn’t able to capture the same passions and just didn’t translate well onto the big screen either. Finding a game that does fit this niche will be hard, but there must be one out there which can make the transition.

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It needs a passionate team – With many video game movies, it’s easy to see when the cast don’t really understand what it is they’re starring in or if the production team don’t really follow the source material – examples like the Riddick series which star Vin Diesel heavily influenced shows the good side of this as someone truly passionate for the project but other examples like the live action Halo series have been received in another way as the production team chose to completely ignore the game material.

The biggest franchises shouldn’t necessarily be the target – Another shortcoming is that the movies will target the biggest gaming franchises to work off the back of their success, but this may not always be the best route. Having a large video game that has a lot of history and a lot of layers isn’t easy to compress down, particularly when the games can span over decades – instead the right direction may be looking for something more individual and contained, where creative freedoms aren’t looked down upon as much and adjustments can be made directly inline with the direction of the video game too.

As it stands, through most review sites video game movies fall far short of where they should be with only the top five currently being rated fresh, and as Hollywood seems to be doubling down on video game movie and TV series releases, it may be time to seek out change.


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