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Movie Characters who Marked the History of Film

by James Murphy



Movies would be nothing without the characters who give them life. However, it is a difficult task to pick the most iconic movie characters whose presence shaped the history of film. From Indiana Jones to Scarlet O´Hara, there are so many of them with complex moralities (heroes/ villains or both) who have influenced the entire culture and shaped people´s behaviour to a certain extent.

Indiana Jones

Interpreted by incredible Harrison Ford, this character had managed to charm the audience form day one. When working as a college professor of archeology at Marshall University, Henry Jones Jr. is busy studying and reading about historical civilizations. Once he gets the chance to get involved in some adventure to recover valuable objects, Dr. Jones practically transforms into Indiana, his superhero alter ego. Unlike Batman or Spiderman who also lead double lives, he is a real person who doesn´t have any superpowers and the audience liked that. Some film critics refer to Indiana through multiple terms: lonely wolf; a man involved in searches; a noble bounty hunter; a hard-boiled detective; a human superhero; and an American patriot.

James Bond

Played by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig, James Bond is a movie character whose name is known by millions of people all over the world. It was probably 007´s first film that laid out the marker for the next 50 years. James Bond is described as highly intelligent, independent, incredibly resilient, master of the bluff, great in a crisis and sly. Like most who lost parents in their childhood, Bond has abandonment issues, which is why he never makes friends of long-lasting relationships. He also uses humor as a shield and a weapon, which makes him irresistible, especially for the ladies.

Vito Corleone

The Godfather is a classic and a film of reference for a great number of people all over the globe. Some people claim they never get bored of watching this film over and over again, to the point where they watch it at least once a year, or every now and then. Vito Corleone or Don Vito reflects the vivid image of numerous historical mobsters such as Frank Costello. Moreover, he also represents the boss of the Sicilian mafia based in the United States from 1945 to 1954. Throughout the plot, he is cunning, funny and cruel, as well as a successful businessman and a family man. In addition, he is considered by some as the embodiment of the American dream that over time undergoes a transformation and becomes a vigilante of the masses and family values.

Micky Rosa

Micky Rosa is played by Kevin Spacey in 21 blackjack, a film based on a true story where he is the mastermind behind the famous MIT blackjack team. He was so good at counting cards that he was banned from every casino in Las Vegas. His plan was to steal the Las Vegas casino gambling money by using a great manipulative theft plan. Nowadays there are plenty of casinos online websites with many safety measures that make any theft strategy extremely difficult to perform. For example, at websites, such as, online casino in Qatar, you can find an honest and unbiased list of the best casinos for Qatari players to gamble at safely. You will also find information on which currency to use, as well as an overview of Qatar´s gambling laws.

Scarlett O´Hara

Gone with the Wind is a novel written by Margaret Mitchell and one of the best-selling books in history, a classic of United States literature and also one of the greatest icons or myths of world culture, along with its film adaptation. Scarlett, played by Vivien Leigh, is not the typical heroine with a good heart and loved by all, quite the opposite, she is vain, capricious, manipulative and temperamental. She is well aware of her charms and loves to flirt with men. If something characterizes this character, it is the perseverance and determination that she puts into getting what she wants, something that she will demonstrate on many occasions. This ability to fight will help her survive in times of war, but it will also cause her many problems in a traditional American society, where it´s not a good thing when a woman is so self-assured and independent.

In conclusion, these are only some of the movie characters that marked the film history on an international scale.



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