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Movie Review: The Batman (2022)

by James Murphy


Director Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022) is a magnificent revisioning of an iconic superhero’s story. Reeves, of Cloverfield and Planet of the Apes fame, presents a dark and dangerous detective noir that is a cinematic masterpiece. The Batman (2022) is a saga of the eternal conflict between right and wrong, with morally grey characters that are intensified by the smog-filled corners of Gotham City.


The film is a three-hour epic that paints Gotham’s grim and brutal portrait. Reeves has drawn inspiration from the Batman comics as well as the eponymous 2011 animated film. The plot grabs attention and puts audiences at the edge of their seats from the first scene. With a formidable villain out to seek vengeance against Gotham’s most corrupt and powerful, the film dismantles and interrogates the very concept of superheroes.


Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman is gritty, psychologically complex, and mired in cynicism, highlighted by Nirvana’s dirge-like isolation anthem, ‘Something in the Way’, that eerily lurks in and out of the scenes. Pattinson has a brooding presence throughout the film, and even when he makes an occasional public appearance as the reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne, he exudes a quintessential grunge-fuelled existential angst.


The Riddler is brought to life by the brilliant Paul Dano, known for his roles in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ’12 Years a Slave.’ The supervillain, Riddler, is wreaking havoc on the crime-plagued streets of Gotham by targeting the city’s rotten elites and leaving their bloodied, mangled bodies with cyphers and letters addressed directly to Batman. The complex battle between the protagonist and antagonist makes for a thrilling watch as it leaves audiences wondering whom to root for.


Continuing the streak of morally grey characters is Zoe Kravitz’s version of Catwoman, which is heavily inspired by Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween. Icons such as Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer have portrayed Catwoman in the past; however, Kravitz’s portrayal brings elements of nuanced realism along with a unique story arc.


The overwhelming response Pattinson’s Batman has received proves the series’ dominant presence in popular culture ever since the character’s launch in DC Comics in the 1940s. With lead roles starring Hollywood’s finest, from Michael Keaton and George Clooney to Christian Bale, along with animated films and Batman-themed merchandise, the caped crusader’s admiration continues to grow. A number of successful videogames such as Batman: Arkham Knight, Injustice, and Lego Batman have incorporated elements of detective work, the usage of slick gadgetry, and iconic villains to capture the Dark Knight’s brooding essence on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. Batman’s iconic cinematic history and Gotham’s spine-chilling atmosphere have found their way to casinos like Leovegas and MrQ through Playtech’s Batman Begins casino slot. With the finest no-wagering free spins at UK casinos, these are a must-try for gaming fans wanting to indulge in the Batman mythos.


Fans of the series have a variety of exciting Batman-themed games that will keep them engrossed and give them a chance to explore the DC universe. The Batman (2022) incorporates elements from all avenues with visuals inspired by the comics and narration techniques reminiscent of the animated series. The film creates a dynamic blend by including gritty action sequences inspired by the Arkham games that are perfectly matched by Greig Fraser’s astounding cinematography and Michael Giacchino’s monumental soundtrack. Every element, from the meticulously designed costumes to the rain and smog-filled production design, creates an atmosphere that transports fans into the cold, chaotic and decadent streets of Gotham City.


Although The Batman (2022) is an action-packed movie at its core, Reeves’ reimagining of the adored series adds depth and dimension, elevating the series to the next level. This neo-noir detective mystery with the Twilight star and a Zodiac Killer-Esque villain at its centre is a fresh new take on the classic series. Grounded in the themes of contemporary reality, bleak social realism, institutional distrust, and political turmoil, this three-hour extravaganza of corruption and chaos promises to leave fans shocked and thoroughly entertained.



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