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Logan Movie Review – X-men Collection

by James Murphy


The character Wolverine made his film debut in 2000 in the film X-Men, played by Hugh Jackman. Logan is the actor’s latest appearance in the X-Men franchise. There were nine performances in 17 years.


Logan’s storyline was loosely adapted from the Old Man Logan comic. The movie made fans of the X-Men saga excited. The scenes set in an alternate future make fans relive several memories. One of the locations that can be recognized is a hotel room in a hotel casino visited by Logan. 


They went to Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans at the foot of Canal Street. Many fans have gone there to experience the place some of the movies thrilling scenes were filmed. You too can get an impression of what it was like through the casinos online area. Here’s extensive information about Harrah’s online casino area.


The movie shows an arc written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven, published in Marvel Comics’ Wolverine magazine in Wolverine #66 to #72 and Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan, published between June 2008 and September 2009.

Logan Story


The story takes place in an alternate future where most of the X-Men – and superheroes – are dead, and the United States is under the command of villains like the Abomination, Red Skull, Magneto, Doctor Doom, and Kingpin. 


Also, there is a gang of Hulks on the loose. In the movie, the action takes place in 2029. The mutant population has been practically wiped out, and few are the survivors. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is old and slowly dying. He doesn’t recover quickly from his wounds, and his claws aren’t used easily.


Logan makes a living as a limousine driver. In his spare time, he visits Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who is ill, suffering from a degenerative mental illness, and living in hiding under the care of the mutant Caliban (Stephen Merchant, of The Office). It is worth remembering that, in X-Men – Apocalypse, Caliban was played by Tómas Lemarquis and is a very different character from the one presented in Logan.


The Routine is broken when Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez of Orange is the New Black and Fear of the Walking Dead) recognizes Logan as the X-Men’s hero Wolverine and tries to convince him to help her save her “daughter.” Laura (Daphne Keen). Both are being pursued by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook, from Gone Girl, Dead Man Hunt, and Narcos) and the Reavers (Reavers, in the original), who work for the Alkali corporation.


The feature film Logan is good entertainment, finally giving fans of the character a glimpse into what could have been his “career” in film. It’s not a magnificent and revolutionary work, but it’s a good movie, with several moments above the average of superhero films. Anyone who wants to see the wilder side of the mutant will not be disappointed.


Director James Mangold eliminated most of the “colorful” elements from the story, such as the uniforms of heroes or villains. That’s one of the reasons why the final scene of X-Men – Apocalypse – the reference to the Weapon X project and Nathaniel Essex, Mister Sinister – got lost.


The initial premise was supposed to show Sinister as the villain responsible for Logan’s events, but, with the course decided by Mangold, the character was replaced by Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant, of Dr. Who and Downton Abbey) since an enemy uniformed as Sinister would look out of place.


Old Man Logan Comic

In both comics and movies, Dr. Rice is the son of a scientist who worked on the original Weapon X project, responsible for Wolverine’s adamantium bones and the creation of Laura, the girl known as X-23.


Daphne Keen, who plays Laura, is the daughter of actor Will Keen and has the Spanish-British series The Refugees in her curriculum. She and Logan are the centerpieces of the film. The girl is not Gabriela’s “daughter” and has a genetic relationship with Logan.


Another curiosity – and one of Logan’s surprises – is the appearance of X-24, a character that doesn’t exist in the comics. In the comics, Logan had several imposters, clones, copies, and lookalikes, among them the robot Albert (always accompanied by the little android girl Elsie-Dee), created by Donald Pierce. The movie X-24 is a genetic copy.


The combat between Logan, the old Wolverine, and X-24, his young counterpart, is brutal and sometimes surprises, even if the outcome is predictable for many. Despite his various strengths, Logan can’t quite overcome some of the primary and formulaic problems of the superhero genre, but that doesn’t detract from the fun. And while Jackman never wore the classic Wolverine costume in theaters, he defined the character on the big screen and managed to end his story with the mutant on a high note.



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