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Top 5 must see racing documentaries

by James Murphy

For car enthusiasts and those who admшre motor racing, we have compiled a list of some of the most exciting films that perfectly illustrate what motor racing is all about, what the atmosphere at the racetrack looks like, and what happens off camera when the journalists go home and the drivers leave the track.



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  • Grand Prix, 1966

One of the first and still one of the best motor racing films is considered the one, shot in 1966, Grand Prix. The film is about an American racing driver named Pete Aaron who becomes romantically involved with the wife of a former teammate. What makes the film great, however, are the racing episodes. Imagine, that every vehicle in the movie was equipped with some of the world’s first integrated cameras, which captured stunning footage of the Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps and Monza races. Furthermore, F1 legends including Phil Hill, Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Jochen Rindt, Jack Brabham and Graeme Hill have also appeared in the documentary.


  • Senna, 2010

The story of Ayrton Senna, the successful, charming driver whose career ended in tragedy, is an excellent racing film. The documentary, directed by Asif Kapadia, chronicles the career of the three-time Formula 1 world champion from his youth on the karting circuit to his untimely death at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Moreover, the film has won numerous awards, including even two BAFTA awards.


  • Williams, 2017

The documentary describes the story of the most famous Formula 1 driver Frank Williams, who founded one of its strongest racing teams in the history of racing competitions. Director Morgan Matthews tells the story of Williams, who was obsessed with motor racing from an early age and lived a life marked by tragic twists and turns at full speed. Overall, it’s an honest, authentic and incredible portrayal of one of the most prominent figures in the world of motor racing, and is definitely worth watching for every motor sports fan.


  • Days of Thunder, 1990

The storyline revolves around two rivals, each of whom wants the title and to become the leader among the racers. Every scene of the film is so realistic and captivating that you can really get a feel for everything when watching this film. You can feel the tension and the rivalry among the leaders. All the stunts in the movie are performed so professionally that one cannot even suspect the use of stuntmen, although Tom Cruise, as the lead performer, preferred to do most of the stunts himself.


  • Rush, 2013

The epic 1976 Grand Prix season introduced racing fans to the main champion from Ferrari, Niki Lauda, and McLaren rookie Englishman James Hunt for the first time. The insane atmosphere of the season has been beautifully captured in the film “The Race”. Much of the action in the film unfolds in restored sets, with the rivalry between the main characters unfolding at the 1976 race.


Now, you definitely won’t have the question of what movie to watch in the evening. We’re sure these films won’t leave you indifferent and will bring thrilling excitement.






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