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How the Movies Have Used Casino Glitz and Glamour

by James Murphy

The movies that we watch are always somewhat related to our actual pastimes, as we look to emulate them and fulfill our desires and ambitions. How the movies have used the casino to include glitz and glamour is discussed in this article, as one of the ways that both casinos have been glamorized and the movies taken to another level.

The Main Movies with Glamour Casino Themes

Many casino-themed movies have been made over time, but the ones detailed here are arguably the ones that have had the most impact.

Casino Royale

James Bond has got to be one of the most recognized glamour and glitz movie brands and one of the most memorable Bond movies has got to be Casino Royale. The intensity of the scenes at the table, the wins and the losses, and who can forget the glamour of all the outfits? It is one of those high roller casinos that only James Bond can play in. The game is Texas Hold ‘Em, and the suspense is unnerving between each hand. It has been rated as one of the best James Bond films, and this says a lot about how important the casino theme is in the movies.


It may be one of the oldest casino-themed movies, but it is also one of the best. The actors, including De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, as guided by one of the greatest directors of all time, Mr Martin Scorsese, provide a sense of gravitas and it was one of the first movies to show the grittiness and reality of a floor full of slots. The sounds, the people, and the machines all going at once provided a great picture of what the top casinos in full swing would have been like. It’s still a good movie and is a reminder of the past. Yet again, it shows exactly how the casino theme can be used to drive a good cast to success.

Oceans 11

The Oceans movies, or franchise, are all based around the casino and although there is a very separate crime plot, it is a perfect example of the glitz and glamour that is all casino related. The first rendition was released in the heyday of the silver screen in the 60s and had Frank Sinatra in the lead, but since this movie, there have been several subsequent versions based on the demand for this genre of fast-flowing and action/thriller-based casino dramas. A total of 5 Oceans movies have been made and all of them have done incredibly well, showing just how central to success the casino theme can be if used right.

These are the top-rated movies that have used casino glitz and glamour as a dominant theme. There are several other great movies, such as Rounders and The Hangover, that both have the casino as a main part, but those discussed in this article provide the best sense of the high life that land-based Vegas casinos were expected to provide.


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