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How travel has re-awakened the need for portable entertainment

by James Murphy

In the aftermath of the pandemic, we find ourselves being able to travel once more, and one of the aspects of such travel is the ability to take the best entertainment with you wherever you go. Not only has this added a high demand for in-flight entertainment, but it is mobile entertainment specifically that has changed most – keeping in mind that not all forms of travel and international accommodation will have the entertainment that you like or want.

This article looks at how this boost in travel has been a boon for the movie and entertainment sector as a whole and how technology has enabled this process.

International tourists take their entertainment with them

The fact that those who travel will want to access the games, media, and entertainment that they would have access to at home means that they often travel with these various forms of entertainment. No one wants to miss their regular soap operas, series, or sporting events, so the solution is easy: simply take it with you.

It will very much depend on the forms of travel you use, but the fact remains that taking your tech and entertainment with you is now a reality. This may mean taking a specific handheld gaming console or online casino app with you on your smartphone or having access to the cloud-based entertainment offerings that you subscribe to through the internet.

Games, movies, and more that have been adopted or made specifically for mobile

There are now games, movies, and an entire host of entertainment forms that are specifically available for smart mobile devices. Mobile is the primary platform, and the quality of these games and movies is such that we have not had access to them before. Plus, movie makers such as Lionsgate have begun to partner with gaming studios to produce mobile-specific offerings in both the movie and gaming sectors.

Furthermore, a wide range of online casino games today is now made specifically for mobile devices and people from any region worldwide. What’s more, review and guide sites also show which are the best casino platforms in any given location – for instance, travelers in the Antipodean countries can find the best online casinos for Australians or whichever geographical area they are traveling in.

Typically, no matter the location the site is tailored to, most casino games on internet-based gambling platforms are mobile-ready and will play best on smart mobile devices. That’s because they’ve been designed with mobile in mind – a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular as the world turns more toward handheld, portable entertainment.

Portable entertainment technology development

Many travelers would watch their favored movies on a laptop, but there is a wide range of other technology options nowadays – tablets and smartphones are now immensely popular options. Everybody generally has a smart mobile device, and as long as they can access the internet and have a decent screen size, they will be able to stream movies and games and thus always have their entertainment with them.

The technology available in its portable form is also improving year after year, which means that no matter what type of travel you undertake, there will be an excellent mobile device that you can use to stay entertained. You will need to research and ensure that you have the requisite adapters and chargers to maintain the entertainment for the entire journey or trip, though – but as battery capacities and charging speeds are also improving with mobile entertainment technology, worrying about depleting power is less of a concern than it used to be just a few years ago.

As people begin to increase international travel, there is a clear need for entertainment that can go with them. The technology exists and is now more affordable than ever, allowing you to take your entertainment picks, movies, music, games, apps, and more with you – wherever you go for however long.





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