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MovieViral.com is a site dedicated to providing you with the best news and analysis on viral marketing and ARG campaigns for films and other forms of entertainment. We have pages with summaries for each film we are covering, and you can discuss and suggest campaigns on our official forum.

Viral marketing is complicated to explain (try Wikipedia for a thorough explanation), but basically it’s when an entity (a film, product, brand, etc.) uses alternative methods for advertising to generate buzz. Most viral is located on the Internet, but there’s countless ways to go about it. We at MovieViral cover all viral-ARG marketing for films, but we focus mainly on full campaigns that provide at least one of two things (preferably both):

1. More information on the story or characters of the film
2. An interactive experience or narrative, like an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)

We also cover other viral news related to films and TV, including viral videos, fan made stuff, and social networks.

Recognition and References

MovieViral.com has been recognized and referenced by numerous press outlets and on major blogs. Check out our Recognition and References page.

The MovieViral Staff

DefaultNick Butler
Co-Owner | Webmaster
Senior Editor
Albany, NY
Contact | Twitter
Nick is a fan of both film and marketing, and began following viral
campaigns in 2007. In early 2009, Nick launched MovieViral with
Dan Koelsch. He's currently studying Political Science at the University
at Albany in New York.
Dan KoelschDan Koelsch
Anaheim, CA
Contact | Twitter
Dan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio, TV, Film from Cal State Fullerton
with a Minor in Advertising. His passions are Star Trek and Superman.

Michael LeeMichael Lee
Advertising | Promotions

Los Angeles, CA
Contact | Twitter
Michael has been reviewing movies for a long time. Of course being a fan
of the film industry, he has seen his share of good and bad films.
ScottScott Caldwell
Graphic Designer

Albany, NY
Contact | Twitter
Scott is going to tell you what he thinks, even if you don't want to hear
it. Horror and action are what fill his needs. His humor is your added bonus.
Caleb HamiltonCaleb Hamilton
Assistant Editor
Silver Spring, MD
Contact | Twitter
Caleb is a screenwriter moonlighting as a college student (film production major, english minor). He has always loved film and television. When he isn't studying those mediums, he's writing for them and brainstorming ideas.
Alex GerageAlex Gerage
Contributing Writer
Chicago, IL
Contact | Twitter
Alex is a marketing and communications professional at Northwestern
University. He also volunteers for the non-profit Books for Troops by
raising comic book donations. His recreational interests include
sports, Star Wars, and superheroes.
Christopher MooreChristopher Moore
Contributing Writer
Raleigh, NC
Contact | Twitter
Christopher is an award-winning director whose films have screened at film
festivals across the country. He loves everything involved with movies and
moviemaking and is a huge Star Wars geek. He'd donate a kidney to direct any
of the new Star Wars films.
David WeaverDavid Weaver
Contributing Writer
Anaheim, CA
Contact | Twitter
David has a Bachelor's degree in Videogame Art & Design, but his passion
will always be film. He is your bread and butter style movie geek, born bred
and raised on film since before he could even walk, no genre goes unloved
or unnoticed.
Binyamin Chuck WallinBinyamin Wallin
Contributing Writer
Contact | Twitter
Binyamin is an avid movie-watcher and Internet-browser and uses these skills to
find stories for MovieViral.
Sabina-Lissette IbarraSabina-Lissette Ibarra
Contributing Writer
Los Angeles, CA
Contact | Twitter
Sabina is a film geek with a penchant for all things Disney and Horror. When she
isn't thinking up ideas for the movies she's gonna make, Sabina writes for several
sites. Topics she covers include film, literature, science, various fandoms, places
to have adventures and events like conventions.
Kevin CostainKevin Costain
Contributing Writer
Toronto, ON
Contact | Twitter
Kevin is a Canadian who has a passion for all things entertainment. When not
following the latest viral news, he can be found delving into technological ideas.
Connor Behrens
Contributing Writer
Houston, TX
Contact | Twitter
Connor is a writer and huge movie buff, and is currently getting his communications degree with a concentration in journalism at the University of Houston.
Joshua ButlerJoshua Butler
Event Correspondent
Middleburg, VA
Contact | Twitter
Joshua is a movie fan that has been going to Comic-Con for years. His expertise
in ARGs and conventions help make the most out of the SDCC experience.
Marc VibbertMarc Vibbert
Social Media Coordinator
Phoenix, AZ
Contact | Twitter
Marc is a huge film & television geek, but he’s also a husband and a father. His
dream is to one day work for Pixar Animation Studios, with an ultimate goal of
directing feature films. He is also the founder/editor-in-cheif of the blog/
podcast "Animation Fascination".