Oddly Timed “Captain America” Promotion Offers You A S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge For Free


So you saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You have been keeping up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You know the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going through some pretty big changes lately. You might be a little perplexed then to learn about a promotion running now between Marvel and CafePress. Is it too late to join S.H.I.E.L.D.? Find out after the jump.

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Spider-Man and USPS Partner For ‘Amazing Delivery’ Campaign


With seemingly dozens of trailers and clips already released, I was beginning to think Sony Pictures and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were going to forgo traditional product tie-ins and promotional campaigns, and instead just inundate fans with footage from the movie until it’s released in full in May. While more preview footage is almost assuredly on the way, it is refreshing to report that the new Spider-Man flick is launching a good-old-fashioned promotional partnership—with the United States Postal Service. Sound like an odd pairing? Hit the jump to learn more.

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Explore The Bates Motel With Your iPhone Flashlight In New Interactive Site


Cinema’s most famous serial killer is back on the small screen. A&E’s successful horror series Bates Motel returns for it’s sophomore season in a couple weeks, and the network is keen to build on the buzz from the first season by giving fans more interactive content to enjoy. The show’s website recently added a new feature that immerses fans in the Bates’ world by giving them free reign to explore the motel and nearby house. Hit the jump for more.
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Rumor: What Does “Batman Vs. Superman” Delay Mean For Its Viral Marketing Campaign?


Following last week’s announcement that the Man of Steel sequel will be delayed until May 6, 2016, a myriad of rumors have emerged explaining why the film was pushed back. Thinking beyond how injured Ben Affleck may be, or the true state of the film’s script, a new report has popped up that mentions the consequences this delay will have on the film’s viral marketing campaign, and we thought it would be worth sharing. Hit the jump for some speculative analysis.

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Variety and BuzzFeed Launch MovieTracker to Measure Buzz for Golden Globes Nominees

golden-globes-headerThe 2013 awards season may not begin in earnest until Sunday night’s Golden Globes, but the buzz surrounding this year’s nominated films and actors has been building for the last few weeks. Presenting a new way to convey the interest these contenders are generating online, Variety and BuzzFeed have joined forces to create the BuzzFeed MovieTracker, a measurement tool that tracks the traffic and viral impact this year’s Golden Globes nominees generate from over 200 websites. Hit the jump to see the most buzzed-about nominated films.

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Has The ‘Anchorman 2′ Marketing Campaign Given Us Too Much Ron Burgundy?


Remember that time you hoped against hope for a sequel to Anchorman? You weren’t alone of course; the 2004 film earned cult-like status in the years following its release, leaving legions of fans desperate for more Ron Burgundy. After years of waiting, the sequel is nearly here, and it seems the folks at Paramount want you reminded of that every time you turn on a television, open a magazine, or buy ice cream at a grocery store. Indeed, the marketing machine for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has reached an all time high, leaving some to question, “how much is too much?” Hit the jump for more.

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Disney Turns To The Internet To Cast Star Wars Leads


For a film still shrouded in secrecy, Disney has made the casting process for Star Wars: Episode VII a very public event. Despite rumor after rumor of established actors and actresses vying for the perceived male and female leads, in-person casting calls have gone out in major cities nationwide for possible unknown actors to audition. Now, that call has expanded further, to the online realm, creating a potential pool of applicants for the studio on a scale not seen before. Do you think you have what it takes to be apart of a galaxy far, far away? Hit the jump to learn how to submit your audition tape.

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Nielsen Begins Tracking Twitter Buzz For Fall Television Shows


The Nielsen television ratings have long been the gold standard for television networks and advertisers to determine how well their shows are reaching audiences. With the rise of social communication and engagement online, the metric’s value has been somewhat skewed for not painting the entire picture about the reach of a show. After all, in today’s culture, is the number of people who watch a given show on TV indicative of its true reach? Realizing this, Nielsen has taken the seminal step in releasing weekly ratings for television shows based off the buzz they generate on Twitter. Hit the jump to learn more about the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings.

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American Horror Story: Escape The Asylum Game Launches In Conjunction With Blu-ray Release


A new season of television is upon us, which not-so-coincidentally means we are seeing the carefully-timed release of many shows’ previous season on Blu-ray and DVD. FX’s American Horror Story is one property following that trend, but has taken the extra step of incorporating an online game to promote the release of American Horror Story: Asylum. Hit the jump to play American Horror Story: Escape The Asylum.

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Propaganda Posters Emerge On “Transformers 4″ Set


Like its predecessor, Transformers 4 is once again tearing up the streets of the Windy City. Director Michael Bay and a new cast lead by Mark Wahlberg are currently shooting the next installment of the franchise in downtown Chicago, where there are plenty of folks with camera phones and good enough access to provide a direct account of the happenings. While little is known regarding the plot of the film, we have seen some images emerge from the set in recent weeks that tease new characters and vehicles. In addition, we now have some interesting inclusions to the set design that may offer a hint to not only the film’s story, but also the eventual marketing campaign. Hit the jump for more.

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