Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Needs You To Save Quahog

NEW ASSET -- The Quest for Stuff Key Art

Movie Viral was able to attend a celebration at the Drunken Clam in honor of Family Guy’s newest game app The Quest for Stuff. On hand were cast members such as (Mayor) Adam West and Alex Borestein (Lois Griffin).  West kicked off the event with a small introduction that this correspondent was able to capture via Instagram. Hit the jump to see the video, and all the specs of the game. [Read more...]

“Make Your Movie” Instagram Contest Puts Your Dance Skills To The Test

make your move header image

Instagram contests are quickly becoming more and more popular with marketing teams asking participants to upload pictures or videos using specific hashtags. This will not only help know who is actively participating in the contest but promote the movie because of the use of the infamous hashtag.

Now the upcoming film Make Your Move has a instagram contest of their own, and they are utilizing the app’s video feature to do it. As you may have guessed, you will need to show off some of your best dance moves to win some prizes. Hit the jump to learn more. [Read more...]

Gameloft Teases “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Official Game

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Official Game

Popular game developer Gameloft is offering a first look at the official game for the upcoming movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Given the recent Super Bowl trailer hype and comic releases, this should help keep the marketing attention on the film, now just a couple months away. Hit the jump for more details, and to take a first peek at the new game. [Read more...]

Sherlock: The Network App Invites Fans To Help Solve Cases

Sherlock The Network App Benedict Cumberbatch Header Image

In conjunction with series 3 airing in the U.S. on PBS Mystery, BBC Worldwide has released a viral video to promote a new app Sherlock: The Network inspired by the world of the show that users can buy to join in on the game. With 10 cases that users can aid Sherlock and Watson in, the BBC and the folks over at The Project Factory have come up with a fantastic interactive platform for fans to feel like they’re part of the team. There are even videos of John berating you and Mycroft recruiting you.  It’s really fun to see the clips of the actual cast including Freeman and Cumberbatch talking to you. Hit the jump to read about the details of the game. [Read more...]

Official Game Released For The New “Robocop” Movie


On the heels of the upcoming Robocop film reboot, a new video game based on the movie has been created for all Apple mobile devices. After the break, check out info about the game along with a quick video trailer and a few screenshots.

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Google Chrome Experiment Puts “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” On The Map

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Google Chrome Experiment Header Image

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies cover a lot of territory, and not just metaphorically speaking. Middle-earth is a vast land that harbors all sorts of unique locales which are usually only touched upon in the films. Seeing as the crux of both trilogies relies heavily on our own knowledge of where we have been and where we will soon be going, it seems only natural to have a guide to keep track of the immense world that J.R.R. Tolkien has created.

So, with the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug closing in, New Line Cinema and Google have partnered up to give us an interactive guide into the world of Middle-earth unlike any other. Not only filled with useful information on its inhabitants, the guide also provides some unique ways of immersing yourself into Middle-earth that goes beyond just a simple mapping system. Get more details after the break. [Read more...]

From Film To Real Life Facts, This Flipboard Magazine For “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” Has You Covered


With the Flipboard app users can create their very own vitual magazines on any subject they want and share them with the world. Now Fox is using the app to create a virtual tourbook into the new Ben Stiller film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Exploring everything from new posters, new trailers and related real world events and/or themes, the Walter Mitty Flipboard has everything you need to prepare for his adventure. Details after the break. [Read more...]

Find Your Own Adventure By Navigating Your Way Through The “MovieMaze” App


Every kid remembers the books in the library with those tantalizing titles, “Choose Your Own Adventure”. The thrill of not only reading a book, but actually having control over where the story went was an amazing concept to any child. But the truth of the matter was that those books were mostly smoke and mirrors. We never really had control, we were just able to nudge it in a slightly different direction for a slightly different outcome, but they were still fun diversions.

Well, here comes the MovieMaze app for your phone! Taking that same concept and applying it to a film format isn’t exactly new (most early generation FMV games for the PC were nothing more than choose your own path movies done in game form). But now that experience is available on your phone and the results are startling similar. Learn more about MovieMaze after the break. [Read more...]

New Marvel App Puts Iron Man’s JARVIS In The Palm Of Your Hands

Marvel's JARVIS iOS app

Three movies and an Avengers film later, Marvel has unveiled a brand new app that allows you to experience what it’s like to have your very own JARVIS. JARVIS, of course, is the AI assistant to Tony Stark/Iron Man. Not only can the AI be helpful in a pinch, but the app has even captured his humor and wit. The release is just a small tease, as it remains incomplete until the release of the Iron Man 3 DVD and Blu-ray, which his store shelves September 24.

That doesn’t make it a complete downer, as the App has plenty of functions to keep the user busy. Unfortunately it is very limited and it’s not even remotely enough to give Siri a run for her money, but it is enough to be entertaining. Hit the jump to read my thoughts on the app. [Read more...]

Short Film Site Creates Mobile App Called Storypod Short Films


The short film social cinema site, Blinkamovie, now has a mobile extension of it’s online content. Find out more about the site and what its mobile app offers after the break.

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