Play 80′s Video Games At Comic-Con To Win Walk-On Role In “Pixels”


The upcoming feature film Pixels starring Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage and directed by Chris Columbus is based on the viral video hit of the same name. The story involves the world being attacked by old school video game characters, so for this year’s Comic-Con, Sony has created an 80′s video game arcade called the Electric Dreams Factory. At the arcade, you  can compete with other gamers and possibly win the ultimate prize of a walk-on role in Pixels. Check out the contest’s promo video starring Peter Dinklage with a mullet and find out other info about their Comic-Con arcade after the jump. [Read more...]

Legendary Unveils New Oculus Rift Game At Comic-Con Based on “Pacific Rim”


Amongst all the cool things being revealed at Comic-Con this year, Legendary and Guillermo del Toro are showing off a new way to experience the world of Pacific Rim. They’ve partnered with Oculus VR, the leading pioneers of virtual reality, to deliver a game called Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot. The game allows fans to step into a fully-realized Jaeger Combat Simulator and experience what it feels like to pilot a 250-foot robot. Check out their promo video after the break.

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Universal’s Horror Nights Adds Mazes Based On Shows ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ And ‘Face Off’


In a couple months Universal Studios Hollywood will be unleashing their terror for the Halloween season at their annual Horror Nights fright fests. This week two additional mazes have been announced:  El Rey’s Network “From Dusk Till Dawn” and Syfy’s “Face Off: In The Flesh”. Both mazes add on to this year’s docket of show-centric mazes joining “Welcome to The Walking Dead: End of the Line”.

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Stuff To Do at SDCC: Explore “Sleepy Hollow” via Oculus Rift; Fly Through “Gotham”

sleepyhollowThe 2014 San Diego Comic Con is two weeks away and the many exhibitors who will be setting up shop are announcing their plans for activities to do inside and outside of the convention. FOX has revealed plans for two fun outdoor activities that attendees will want to check out: a virtual reality tour of Sleepy Hollow and a Gotham-themed zip-line. Get the details on both after the jump! [Read more...]

VidCon 2014: The Fine Brothers On Virality, Key To Online Success And Cat Videos

fine bros and grumpy cat

The Fine Brothers Raf and Benny, creators of the “React” videos and Film/TV shows “in 7 minutes”, sat down to talk to press about their latest endevour. They are teaming up with viral superstars Grumpy Cat and other YouTubers for The Friskies. Cat food company Friskies will celebrate online cat videos by running a contest were people can submit their cats to be the next online sensation. After the YouTuber panelists select finalists, The Fine brothers will show the final videos to kids in a special “Kids React” video and have them determine the winning cat.

At VidCon 2014, they shared a little more about their involvement with the contest, how they got their start and what they think the keys are to viral success. More after the jump.

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VidCon 2014: Andy Signore Talks Honest Trailers

hoenst trailer

Andy Signore, creator of Honest Trailers and VP of programming of channels for Defy Media and Screen Junkies talked to Movie Viral over at the YouTube culture centric VidCon 2014.  We caught up with the online video creator to talk about the VVRU fave, reception to his videos and about the con itself. Check out what he had to sat after the jump.

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“Orange Is The New Black” Food Truck Event Threw Pies At The People Of New York

orange is the new black season 2 promo image

There are times where I wished marketing gags in New York could find their way here on the west coast. The Archer Debonair Mobile was one of them. Not only are these advertisements a great way to push said product, but you get some free swag out of it. So for Netflix, what better way to market season 2 than to give out free pies and chocolate and vanilla swirls (chocolate and vanilla swirl, swirl).

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Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour Unveils “The Batman Exhibit”

batman cowl vip studio tour image

Nothing could have been more disappointing than this. To hope that Warner Bros. VIP Tours would debut the Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman suit from Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was a mistake on everyone (including us) that followed this farce. This speculation started building after they have teased their Twitter feed with photos of Batman’s suit, Superman’s suit, and Zod’s suit. Even the Batsignal was teased. But that is the moment everyone should have realized that it all meant nothing.

Well, maybe it isn’t all that bad. Because the WB VIP Studio Tours announced that they will be having a Batman Exhibit as a part of their tour. Hit the jump for more info. [Read more...]

“Back To The Future” Fan Event To Erect Hill Valley In London

back to the future

The Back To The Future Hill Valley on the Universal Studios Backlot is as about as close as you can get to setting foot into the fictional town. Oh yeah, you can’t actually step foot into it considering you are in a tram. But a new fan experience is coming to London that will help fans be able to walk in Hill Valley.

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Detroit Will Unveil 10-Foot Robocop Statue On “Robocop Day”

robocop paul verhoeven 1987 image header

Dead or alive, you’re getting a RoboCop statue. That’s right, the people of Detroit will be getting their very own Robocop, and it will be unveiled tomorrow, which also happens to concide with the release of the DVD/Blu-ray of Jose Padilha‘s reboot.

This has been a day almost every RoboCop fans have been waiting for. While the idea building a Robocop Statue was shot down by then-mayor David Bing, fans have been collecting the necessary funds to make this day happen. And with the help of Imagination Station Detroit, they now have a statue ready to unveil to the people of Detroit. Hit the jump to check out the full schedule of events. [Read more...]