A Quick Recap Of My First Time At Butt-Numb-A-Thon


It’s taken me several days to get back to normal and compose my thoughts after attending my first ever Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin, Texas. Held every December since 1999, the event is hosted by Ain’t It Cool‘s Harry Knowles in order to celebrate his birthday, and it’s a 24 hour movie marathon featuring an eclectic mix of different types of films including a few unofficial premieres. This will be the 15th iteration of the event.

In order to get a seat, you have to fill out an application answering essay style questions and send in a couple of specific pictures. For extra points, you can create a bonus video based on a specific suggestion.  This year’s idea involved doing your own interpretation of the Good Ship Lollipop song. Harry created this intricate method for entry to Butt-Numb-A-Thon to ensure that only die hard film geeks would be in attendance. With only around 200 seats to fill and (from what I’ve read) probably over 10,000 applicants, it’s a hard event to get into, but somehow, luck was on my side and I was handed a golden ticket to the event. After the jump, find out about all the films I saw as well as what I experienced at one of the coolest film fests I’ve ever attended.

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Buffer Festival Is First Festival Dedicated To YouTube Content


Do you like film festivals but wish they had something like that for YouTube videos? YouTuber Corey Vidal is making that dream a reality with Buffer Festival. The festival is being held in Toronto from November 8th to 10th, and you can read more details about it in the press release after the break.
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Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival Returns To SoCal For 2nd Year

The Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival returns to Orange County, CA for its second year on Ocrober 12th and 13th. Yours truly will be volunteering at the festival, so be sure to say hello if you see me. Get the full details on the event, including how to get tickets, after the break in their press release.
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Fantastic Fest To Have Prison Party After “Red Dawn” Premiere

Fantastic Fest is an annual film festival held at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas. This year, the festival runs from September 20th to September 27th. According to their website, “Fantastic Fest is the largest genre film festival in the U.S., specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and just plain fantastic movies from all around the world.” Their traveling road shows often create in-world scenarios for their screenings, such as watching Buried while buried in a coffin. They are doing a similar themed experience at their festival this year, this time pairing up with the Red Dawn remake. Details after the break.

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Tribeca Film Fest Announces New Transmedia Award

The Tribeca Film Festival announced today that they would be creating a new award for transmedia projects to “celebrate new trends in digital media and recognize these transmedia creators who employ an innovative, interactive, web-based or multi-platform approach to story creation.” More after the break. [Read more…]

“The battle of wits has begun” – Princess Bride Wine!

If there is one thing I love, it’s a good gla….fine, BOTTLE, of wine. I also enjoy movies, movies about wine, and whining about movies. No, this is not my dating profile. Stay with me now. This article has a point, and that is that one of the greatest films to feature wine in it’s storyline is about to have a wonderful tribute paid to it, including it’s own cleverly named wine, “The Bottle of Wits”. Yes, as the title explains, the great scene in The Princess Bride involving the switching of poisoned goblets between Westley and Vizzini is now coming soon thanks to the ……Alamo Drafthouse? Keep reading for the details.
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Help Edgar Wright Decide What To Screen At “Films Edgar Has Never Seen”

Director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim) needs you to plan his next event! With the help of some very famous friends, Edgar has compiled a list of film’s he has not yet had the pleasure of viewing. This list is now public and he’s asking you to help choose which eight films should be screened at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles as part of “Films Edgar Has Never Seen”. To see the list and which celebrities donated to it, click the jump. [Read more…]

“Cedar Rapids” Viral Website Goes Live, BrownStar Insurance To Have Office At Sundance

Last week we told you about Fox Searchlight dabbling in some viral for their Ed Helms-starring comedy Cedar Rapids, which is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. I was a bit harsh in my assessment of the endeavor, and it looks like it wasn’t a one-off thing.
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“Pandemic” Movie To Play Out As ARG During Sundance

Our good friends at ARGNet have come across a short film set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival that is actually an extension of an old ARG. In fact, the short film, titled Pandemic 41.410806, -75.654259, serves as the teaser for the renewed ARG set to play out at the festival. Get the details, and see the whole short film, after the break.
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Photos From Fantastic Fest’s “Buried” Event

Last month we told you about Fantastic Fest’s plan to let a select few people watch the Ryan Reynolds-helmed Buried while actually being buried. Called “Buried with BURIED: Rolling Roadshow of One”, four people were picked up, blindfolded, then stuffed into coffins to watch the film. The winners get to meet Reynolds and walk the red carpet. We now have photos from the event, which you can see after the break.
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