That “The Walking Dead” Spoiler and the Death of Viral Marketing


As soon as the east coast airing of the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead ended this past Sunday, the various social media accounts associated with the program posted a huge spoiler to the dismay of millions of fans around the world who had yet to see the episode. This has happened before, but not for The Walking Dead. NBC spoiled the death of Danny Matheson during Revolution. The stars and producers of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. live tweet every episode – even the Executive Editorial Director of Marvel’s Digital Media Group, Ryan Penagos, gets in on that action. Is this to build hype or is there something much more sinister and scolding behind this behavior? Could this be the end of viral marketing? Find out after the jump. [Read more…]

Dan’s Top Five Surprising Films of 2013

Olaf Singing "In The Summer" In Disney's FROZEN

In the past few years, the Hype Machine that is Hollywood makes it pretty hard to be surprised by any movie. That is why I get a special enjoyment out of films that are better than my expectations. After the break, read my list of the five motion pictures that surprised me the most this year.
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Site News: Executive Editor Dan Koelsch Stepping Down at End of Year

MV header

At the end of the year, I will step down as Executive Editor and pass the reigns on to current staff writer Michael Lee. I don’t want to make a big deal out of the transition, but I wanted to say a few words before I go.
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Today’s Horror Movies and Thrillers: Why They’re Scary



From thrillers that leave you shocked to movies that make it hard to sleep for days, today’s horror movies are their own kind of scary. Sure, today’s horror genre still includes terrifying slasher films or ghost stories and possessions, but the psychological fears are stronger than ever.

Today’s scary movies cover those situations where you have no control – the end of the world scenarios or the medical emergencies you can do nothing about. These films instill fear because all of these situations could be possible.

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Michael’s Top 10 Movies Of The Year (So Far)

top 10

With half of 2013 out of the way, now is good time to take a look back at the year’s 10 best films, so far. Now there are a lot of films to sift through, and I wish I could have seen all of them. But I have seen more than enough films to compile a top 10 list. To make the cut, the film’s had to have been released (theatrically, VOD, limited, or at film festivals) before July 1. This last is completely subjective as I hate ranking films. Hit the jump for the complete list. [Read more…]

‘Fast & Furious 6′ Tips Social Media Scale In Their Favor


Five Fast & Furious films later we are buckled up for a sixth one which is scheduled to hit theaters this memorial day. The Justin Lin-directed actioner stars Paul Walker, Vin Disel, Dwayne Johnson and more reprising their roles as car thieves and FBI agents who not only have hot bods but can drive cars too. The fact that it has gone on for almost a decade shows that audiences are much more interested in the stories of these characters than a film based on comic books and other adaptations.

Part of its continuing success comes from how well social marketing team has carried out their campaigns. The New York Times recently covered how the Universal Pictures team is winning the social media game when it comes to promoting Fast & Furious 6. When comparing the Fast & Furious’ Facebook page to anyone else’s, you will notice that there are only a few that can even compare to it’s numbers. Check out how the Fast & Furious franchise is making huge waves in Social Media below. [Read more…]

Animation Anticipation: CGI Movies of 2013

Pixar Studios

2013 is shaping up to be a strong year for the animated movie. Animation powerhouses Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks expectedly lead the pack with CGI-centric sequels, prequels and originals. Here are five of our most anticipated toons of 2013.

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Dan’s 13 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

2013 movies

Now that 2013 has begun, it’s time to look at the huge line-up of films coming our way over the next 12 months. When going through the wide releases, two things really stood out to me. One: There are a lot of movies coming out this year that I am interested in seeing theaters. I counted at least 30. Second: We know very little about some of films being released late in the year. In fact, some films don’t have a release date yet, and others that do might be pushed back to next year. So, with what knowledge we have now, I present you with my 13 most anticipated films of 2013.
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Caleb’s Top 10 Best Films of 2012

top10bestThis year, we saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come together for the first time ever. The legend of a man who dresses up like a bat came to an end. We watched a group of friends fall apart after acquiring strange abilities from a hole in the ground. The world watched in horror as children from the 12 Districts of Panem stabbed, choked and poisoned each other to death. This is my list of the top 10 best films of 2012! [Read more…]

A Neophyte’s Retrospective of The James Bond Film Series

james bond

This year marked the 50th anniversary for the James Bond film series. Between Dr. No in 1962 and this November’s Skyfall, there have been twenty-three official movies (and one bastard child). I have never been a big fan of the series, but I really enjoyed the recent films with Daniel Craig as a grittier version of the classic character. So, as someone who hadn’t seen a Bond film prior to GoldenEye, I decided to watch all 24 films in just over a month. Read my thoughts and my Top 10 list after the break.
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