“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I” Trailer To Debut At Comic-Con On A Galaxy S Tablet And Best Buy Stores

the hunger games mockingjay viral image

Okay, so Lionsgate may not be promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 or Insurgent in Hall H at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. Yes it is disappointing to fans, especially since the former debuts in November, while the latter debuts early next year. While we have yet to see any footage from the film, Lionsgate has found a unique way to market the film’s highly anticipated first trailer. You won’t have to sit for hours waiting for it or in between panels you rather not sit through, instead you can just walk on over to the Samsung Galaxy Experience over at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Friday, July 25th, and experience seeing the trailer, with the cast (TBA) for yourself on Galaxy Tab S.

Yup the trailer premiere for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will be on a tablet. Not a big screen or any other screen other than 8.5 inches, but on a tablet. And if you are worried about not being able to see it because your not going to Comic-Con this year, then don’t fret, because you will be able to see a preview at your local Best Buy. Hit the jump for more. [Read more...]

Frank Grillo Talks “The Purge: Anarchy,” Crossbones In “Captain America 3″, Wanting To Do A Comedy, And More

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In James DeMonaco’s The Purge: Anarchy, Frank Grillo plays Leo, a grieving father, who sets out on the night where all crime is legal for a 12-hour period. During this ordeal, Leo’s personal mission experiences a few bumps in the road when he is forced to rescue and protect victims of The Purge. The sequel takes place a year after the events of the first film, and reveals just how large the socio-economic gap is between those who can afford a security system during The Purge and those who cannot.

We had a chance to talk to film star Frank Grillo about his character Leo, what it was like to shoot during late nights, how the concept of the Purge came about, Captain America 3, and his response to those who are calling to him to play as The Punisher. Hit the jump to read the entire interview. [Read more...]

“Big Hero 6″ Trailer: Disney’s Marvel Movie Takes Flight

big hero 6 trailer image

Sure the marketing for Disney’s Big Hero 6 may have been slow going, but it has quickly amped up thanks in part to marketing tie-ins with the World Cup. The film centers on a young technological prodigy who upgrades his squishy caretaking robot into a superheroic fighting machine.

That was pretty much the premise of the teaser trailer that was released a while back. Now Disney has released a second trailer for the film, which has a little bit of that, but a lot more action and humor. Hit the jump to see the full trailer. [Read more...]

Could This “Jurassic World” Brochure Be A Part Of Some Sort Of Viral Marketing


There is no shortage of anticipation for Colin Treverrow‘s Jurassic World. The film crew has embraced the world of social media by posting teasers to get fans and followers amped up for the sequel. We recently saw just how bloody Jurassic World can get. And now we can get a small glimpse of what kind of activities Isla Nublar will have.

If you’re interested in golfing, Jurassic World will have it; if your interested in a dinosaur feeding show, Jurassic World will have it; and to take an amusement park ride, Jurassic World has it. There will also be learning activities, and all sorts of things that will keep attendees occupied, if they aren’t already running for their lives. Hit the jump to check out the full look at the Jurassic World brochure. [Read more...]

Watch 72-Minute Teaser Trailer for the Longest Movie Ever Made

ambianceIn 2020, Swedish artist Anders Weberg will release his last movie…ever. Weberg has made over 300 films and his final picture may very well be the longest movie ever made. Ambiancé will run for 720 hours – yes, for 1 month. Today, the teaser trailer was released, but it’s much different from any other trailer you’ve seen before. Not only is what you see not traditional footage, you’ll be sitting at your computer for much longer as well. Where the normal teaser runs between a minute or two, this teaser runs for 72 minutes (1 hour and 12 minutes). Check it out after the jump! [Read more...]

“Arrow” Star Stephen Amell To Emcee “Night of DC Entertainment” At Comic-Con

arrow header image

Last week WB Entertainment announced they would screen a special three hour block of DC television, which consists of pilot episodes for Gotham and The Flash, as well as special looks at Constantine and the third season of Arrow. The highly anticipated festivities would be held at Hall H, a venue that is typically reserved for films. Now that TV dramas have given us a better reason to stay at home, it was only a matter of time before more TV shows started to make their own home at Hall H.

Now it has been announced that Arrow star Stephen Amell will emcee the Night of DC Entertainment. Hit the jump to read the full press release. [Read more...]

Details About The Awesome “The Guardians of the Galaxy” 17 Minute 3D IMAX Preview Screening [Updated With Extended Look Trailer]

Guardians of the Galaxy stars Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, and Zoe Saldana

While everyone is salivating for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, a select few had a chance to see 17 minutes of the movie in preview screenings across the country. My screening in Toronto, Canada was packed, but featured no surprises beyond what was promised and a short video introduction by director James Gunn. What we did see was 17 incredible minutes of what is surely going to be an awesome movie. Hit the jump for more details.

[Update From The Editor: We have added a new trailer that was released following the 17 minute preview. The original article follows after the trailer. Hit the jump to check it out] [Read more...]

“Gone Girl” Trailer: Ben Affleck And David Fincher’s Drama Has Chills Running Down Your Spine

Gone Girl Starring Ben Affleck Image

The second trailer David Fincher‘s adaptation of Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, as gone online. Based on the Gillian Flynn – she also wrote the screenplay – novel of the same name, Gone Girl is a story that reads like it has been ripped from the headlines. A seemingly perfect married couple caught in a murder mystery, where a husband desperately searches for the truth on who killed his wife, while the entire world looks at him as an apathetic suspect.

The release of the trailer follows four posters of sealed bags of evidence releases announcing that a new trailer was being released today.

Hit the jump to see the full trailer. [Read more...]

Listen To The Entire “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Soundtrack Now

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer header

Normally movie score titles would ruin critical plot points, and as such, many fans anticipating said film would avoid even looking at what the a soundtrack contains. However when a soundtrack is comprised of songs, it is a little bit different. Sure they may not be a spoilerly as a score title, but song titles can set the tone for certain aspects of the film, and as such, fans would probably want to avoid them too. But what makes James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy a little bit different is that the soundtrack is completely comprised of an awesome mix of music from different generations.

As seen in the header image above, the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy is appropriately titled Awesome Mix Vol. 1. While the Vol. 1 may just be there for looks, the mix itself is indeed Awesome, and since it consists of music that has already been released, the entire playlist has already been uploaded on Spotify, which means it is now available for you to listen to. Hit the jump to check out the entire playlist. [Read more...]

“Community” Lives On To See Season 6

Community Season 5 Header Image

Community is just that one sitcom that refuses to get cancelled. After four seasons of continual low ratings, a strange schedule, cast member disputes and departures, Community nearly met its end after NBC cancelled it after five long hilarious but also tumultuous seasons. But fear not, as Abed would appropriately shout: “SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE.” Okay half of that statement is true, the other half has yet to be announced (cross your fingers).

The sitcom has been revived, and has found a new home, and a brand new platform, Yahoo Screen. Scratching your head? Thought that Community would find its new home on Hulu. Well hit the jump to read more about this. [Read more...]