“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” Review – Is This A Sequel To Kill For?

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. The sequel to 2005's Sin City stars Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A total of nine years has passed since the first Sin City was unleashed on us. That movie was an incredible mix of world building, stylish use of CGI, and characters that just lept from the screen. Now, many of the characters we enjoyed are back, with the same visual look of Basin City. You may be wondering is if Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is worth the nearly nine year wait? Read on for my thoughts. [Read more...]

“The Expendables 3″ Review: It May Be The Best Of The Series, But That Isn’t Saying Much

the expendables 3 review image

The Expendables franchise has reached it’s third installment, The Expendables 3, with a possible forth on the way. You’d might think that Lionsgate’s lucrative franchise would get better and more interesting with each and every new installment, but it doesn’t. In fact it feels like you are watching some of the greatest action heroes just putter along and react to whatever explosive scenario they have managed to stumble onto.

But if you take the film for what it is worth, and just watch it for the sheer enjoyment, then it might make the film a little bit less painless to watch. Because there are some really fun moments in the film, hints of humor and self-deprecation, and some nice action sequences. Hit the jump for more. [Read more...]

“What If” Review: A Flawed, But Also Sweet And Sentimental Rom-Com

what if daniel radcliffe zoe kazan image 01

It’s been a long time since there has been a good romantic comedy, and even longer that explored the men can just be friends with women or visa versa relationship. That Awkward Moment merely glossed over it by turning it into one of the many subplots, while Friends with Benefits and Just Friends failed to meet expectations. But if there had to be a film that could revive the men can be friends with women romantic comedy genre it would probably have to be What If.

Goon‘s Michael Dowse directed this sweet and sentimental film that is better than the three aforementioned films but not as quite as good as When Harry Met Sally, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch. Thanks in part to the cute on screen relationship between Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, What If is the perfect alternative to the summer that is cluttered with summer action blockbusters, and even a better film to watch that those heroes in a half shell. Hit the the jump for the full review. [Read more...]

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”: Review: All Nonsensical Action With Zero Character And Charm

teenage mutant ninja turtles image review 01

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were never meant to be taken seriously. In fact they were suppose to be a parody of the modern superhero. They have since then evolved into being one of the many icons in pop culture. Three live action movies and one animated movies – and let’s not forget the comics and countless animated series iterations – later we have reached the point where we needed a CGI live-action hybrid. And while it may be time to introduce these heroes to a new generation, it seemed like a lot of effort went into making this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes – as disposable as possible.

The action is terrifyingly dizzying to a point where it hurts. The characters have near to zero likability. However, the story is somewhat descent. And for once Megan Fox isn’t hypersexualized, but that doesn’t really do anything for the film anyway. There is a lot stacked against this film, and there is very little redeeming factors to it. But that doesn’t make a complete disaster, but it also doesn’t make it something to get excited over.

Hit the jump for the full review. [Read more...]

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” Review: Marvel Studios’ Latest Is A Heartfelt Musical Burst Of Energy

guardians of the galaxy chris pratt image review 01

Marvel Studios really rolled the dice with James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. And it paid off in spades! The first original film in Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 of the MCU, brilliant,spot-on funny, sharp, daring, and adventurous. Often times we say that every new Marvel film is better than the last, but Guardians of the Galaxy really lives up to that notion because it is a fresh property, and gives us a unique look at the comic book world.

It is just so much fun, and because it is a new title, it definitely eases the pressure of having to know what has been built before it, even though the film is part of a larger universe.

Filled with plenty of laughs and adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy has heart, and is the kind of film that we have all been waiting to see from superhero movies. So hit the jump for the full review of Guardians of the Galaxy. [Read more...]

“The Purge: Anarchy” Review – Gritter, Darker, And Better Than The Original

The Purge: Anarchy image

Some sequels are superior than their predecessor, than there are those that aren’t. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is clearly not better than its predecessor, but that really isn’t saying much since the first film set the bar so low.  And considering how other sequels this year are better their predecessor, it should be interesting to see which sequel isn’t better than the first film.  So while The Purge wasn’t the best film last year, it’s concept did lend itself to have a franchise.  And thanks in part to The Purge‘s huge success, Universal went ahead and greenlit a sequel.

The Purge: Anarchy does what every sequel is suppose to do.  Be different, but also use the foundation that has already been set.  Introduce new character that will bring a new dynamic to the potential franchise.  Just be better than the first film.  And that is what The Purge: Anarchy does.  Not only is it darker than the first, but it is so much more engaging and thrilling as well.  It’s the kind of the grittty edge of your seat thriller that is fun, but could have you converse about the political issues that is brought up.  Hit the jump for the full review. [Read more...]

“Planes: Fire And Rescue” Review

Planes was one of the biggest surprise hits of last year. The film had a rough takeoff from the start. It was originally set to be a a direct to DVD film, Planes then took off to be a feature film, but lost its lead voice, Jon Cryer. Dane Cook was named as his replacement, but that name didn’t inspire confidence. And despite the shoddy animation, and familiar screenplay, Planes worked. It was actually a likeable film.

Since the first film was scheduled on the tail end of the summer blockbuster season, it was a perfect time to cleanse the cinematic pallet, which was burdened with an over saturation of superhero films. And because of that, it was one of Disney’s surprise box office hits. Of course since it was a hit, that would mean it would need a sequel. And now we have Planes: Fire And Rescue, which, again, looked like a tired and old animated film that deserves to be a direct to DVD, but is surprisingly good. Hit the jump for the full review. [Read more...]

“Wish I Was Here” Review: Zach Braff’s Sophomore Effort Has Meaning But Is Overly Pretentious

wish I was here image review

Though Wish I Was Here is Zach Braff‘s second directorial effort, the filmmaker has never been one to play by the rules. As Garden State was the unconventional film that really put indies on the map, his follow up tries to replicate the same success it had and overall tones and feels, but not too much avail.

Since it has been ten long years since his directorial debut, and Garden State‘s reputation has since lost its luster, which made it the perfect time for Braff to return to the director’s chair for the second time. Unfortunately, Braff’s kind of work isn’t exactly in high demand, not even by smaller studio standards. So understandably the filmmaker looked to his fans’ support and launched a Kickstarter with the intent on producing and finding a distributor for Wish I Was Here. But that made things only worse, considering Braff should have enough pull to get studios interested in his work, even if it isn’t in high demand.

That being said, while the film has heart, the film is so full of itself and thinks that the audience will get all of the jokes, sympathize with the characters’ struggles, and understand the message. There just isn’t really anything to like about the film over all. Hit the jump for the full review. [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Movies Of 2014 (So Far) – Mike’s List

best films of 2014 so far

It’s already July, which means half of the year is already behind us. You’ve already seen what I was disappointed with this year, so let’s finish off our top ten of the year so far on a positive note. Unfortunately there were no real stand outs this year, and half of the films that disappointed me ended up just getting 3/5 stars, but it just wasn’t enough to leave the kind of impression I was hoping for.

I can’t say the same for the films that I liked this year. Again, with no real stand outs, and a lot of the films ending up pretty much mediocre, it was fairly easy choosing a top ten at this point of the year than it was last year. With six more months left, this list could easily change. So you’ve seen a teaser of the kind of films that made it on to the list in the header image above, why not check out the full list below. [Read more...]

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Top 10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2014 So Far (Mike’s List)

The Most Disappointing Films of 2014 So Far

We have finally reached the midpoint of the year, and it is once again that time of the year where we take a look back at the best and most disappointing films of the year. If you haven’t seen any one or all of the top ten, then you survived some painful moments, at least in my opinion you did. Of course if you have already, and you share my sentiments, why not revisit the disappointment you felt after watching them. But if you haven’t seen them, I am not saying you shouldn’t see these films, because its easy to say which ones were the worst of the year. Picking the ones that disappointed me the most is a harder task, especially this year since there are no real stand outs on both sides of the spectrum. But these films aren’t entirely bad either, they just are the ones that disappointed me the most. Let me say that again, these are not the worst films, they just really disappointed me.

There were many things to take into consideration before I compiled my list, but the one that is most important is the release. Whether the film was released theatrically or during a film festival, as long as the film was screened between January 1st and June 30, you could end up on this list. So as you can see from the header image, those are the five films that ended up disappointing me this year. Hit the jump to see the rest of the top ten and where they rank. [Read more...]

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