“Godzilla” Viral Campaign Demands The Truth

Godzilla title header

The Godzilla viral marketing campaign has seen some major updates in the last few days. First we got to know some of the main characters from the film through the film’s MutoResearch viral site. Now the team at Legendary along with Warner Bros are working together on the social media end.

The two have debuted a brand new poster which you can show to your friends by sharing the image on Facebook and Twitter with #DemandToKnow. Fans will be able to “awaken the truth,” which we’re hoping is code for a new image or trailer. Hit the jump to check it out. [Read more...]

Funny Or Die Let’s You Make A Movie With Jean-Claude Van Damme


Have you ever wished you could make a movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme? Well, now you can with JCVD’s Make My Movie Challenge via the website Funny or Die. After the break, find out more about the contest and what you need to do to pull off your own Van Damme action flick that’s as epic as his epic split.

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Fox TV Show “The Following” Allows You To Call Joe Carroll

The Following Season 2

With the newest episode of The Following screening tonight, the show’s Facebook page posted a picture of a phone number written on a piece of paper. If you call the phone number, the show’s cult leader Joe Carroll answers with a message to his “followers” everywhere. Find out the phone number and what the message says after the break.

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Star Wars And Marvel Geek It Out On Twitter

starwars versus marvel

Forget the talk about Batman versus Superman. The big rivalry happening this week is between Star Wars and Marvel via their Twitter accounts. What started as an “AskStarWars” Twitter event turned into a hilarious back and forth ribbing between the two brands. Even Iron Man jumped into the fray. Check out their geeky social media melee after the break.

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Variety and BuzzFeed Launch MovieTracker to Measure Buzz for Golden Globes Nominees

golden-globes-headerThe 2013 awards season may not begin in earnest until Sunday night’s Golden Globes, but the buzz surrounding this year’s nominated films and actors has been building for the last few weeks. Presenting a new way to convey the interest these contenders are generating online, Variety and BuzzFeed have joined forces to create the BuzzFeed MovieTracker, a measurement tool that tracks the traffic and viral impact this year’s Golden Globes nominees generate from over 200 websites. Hit the jump to see the most buzzed-about nominated films.

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“Anchorman 2″ Instagram Contest Searches For Next Best Ron Burgundy

Anchorman 2 Instagram Viral Contest

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues promotions have been appearing on ads ranging from Dodge trucks and Ben and Jerry’s latest flavor Scotchy Scotch Scotch to the most recent The Newsum Exhibit in Washington D.C. Paramount Pictures is going through a great deal of things to let you know this film is coming out in theaters later this year, and now the studio is turning to social media and the internet to increase their promotion for the film.

Using Instagram’s new option for video, the studio, in collaboration with the EPIX cable channel, are launching a brand new contest that looks for the next best Ron Burgundy. The character portrayed famously by Will Ferrell will be the inspiration for this contest that is “kind of a big deal.” Hit the jump to find out the details on how to enter and win. [Read more...]

“The Wolverine” Unleashes Declassified Documents, A Free iBook And An Interactive Experience


With the upcoming release of  The Wolverine for home video consumption, 20th Century Fox is using the film’s social networks as well as other interactive marketing tools to help us learn more about the Marvel character. Find out after the break what kind of information will be revealed and what places you can go to find out some of the interesting tidbits involving our favorite adamantium-infused superhero.

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Fox Horror Launches Tumblr Page

fox horror

Briefly: To promote their Digital HD and Blu-ray offerings, Fox Horror has created a Tumblr page called “Moments to Die For” at FoxHorror.com. 20th Century Fox has a large catalogue of great horror films, and this Tumblr is a curated destination of Fox and fan-generated content. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

“Anchorman” Gets An Exhibit In DC And Ron Burgundy Answers Twitter Questions


The Newseum, Washington, DC’s 250,000-square-foot museum dedicated to everything news-oriented, has a new exhibit opening up in November. One that celebrates the 2004 hit comedy, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. “Anchorman: The Exhibit” opens prior to the release of the film’s sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Will Ferrell has even dressed up as Ron Burgundy to answer one question every Tuesday based on people’s Twitter questions. After the jump, find out more about the exhibit, check out some of Ron Burgundy’s videos, see how you can ask the legendary “Anchorman” your own question and watch both of the new Anchorman 2 trailers.

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Nielsen Begins Tracking Twitter Buzz For Fall Television Shows


The Nielsen television ratings have long been the gold standard for television networks and advertisers to determine how well their shows are reaching audiences. With the rise of social communication and engagement online, the metric’s value has been somewhat skewed for not painting the entire picture about the reach of a show. After all, in today’s culture, is the number of people who watch a given show on TV indicative of its true reach? Realizing this, Nielsen has taken the seminal step in releasing weekly ratings for television shows based off the buzz they generate on Twitter. Hit the jump to learn more about the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings.

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