Universal’s Horror Nights Adds Mazes Based On Shows ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ And ‘Face Off’


In a couple months Universal Studios Hollywood will be unleashing their terror for the Halloween season at their annual Horror Nights fright fests. This week two additional mazes have been announced:  El Rey’s Network “From Dusk Till Dawn” and Syfy’s “Face Off: In The Flesh”. Both mazes add on to this year’s docket of show-centric mazes joining “Welcome to The Walking Dead: End of the Line”.

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Star Wars Scribe Gary Whitta Pitches Mark Ruffalo To Star In Columbo Via Twitter

mark ruffalo columbo

Twitter is no stranger to fan casting campaigns. Many of them tweet out their dream castings in hopes that their favorite actor or actress gets cast for the perfect role. Let’s be honest, rarely do these campaigns work and most of the time they don’t. And even though it is not up to us, social media doesn’t stop us from voicing our dream castings 140 characters at a time.

But for Book of Eli and Star Wars scribe Gary Whitta, he isn’t tweeting his dream choice for his proposed Columbo, he is making a pitch to Avengers star Mark Ruffalo to star as the titular Columbo, who was originally played by the great Peter Falk, in a proposed film. Here’s the thing, Ruffalo is actually already in talks to appear in an adaptation. Hit the jump to read the full twitter conversation. [Read more...]

Could This “Jurassic World” Brochure Be A Part Of Some Sort Of Viral Marketing


There is no shortage of anticipation for Colin Treverrow‘s Jurassic World. The film crew has embraced the world of social media by posting teasers to get fans and followers amped up for the sequel. We recently saw just how bloody Jurassic World can get. And now we can get a small glimpse of what kind of activities Isla Nublar will have.

If you’re interested in golfing, Jurassic World will have it; if your interested in a dinosaur feeding show, Jurassic World will have it; and to take an amusement park ride, Jurassic World has it. There will also be learning activities, and all sorts of things that will keep attendees occupied, if they aren’t already running for their lives. Hit the jump to check out the full look at the Jurassic World brochure. [Read more...]

“Community” Cast Reacts To Show’s Season Six Revival; Plus A Movie In The Works?

community joel mchale image header

By now you must have heard the news that Community will live on to see season 6. While fans every where have already shared their thoughts using the #communityliveson on social media platforms, we haven’t officially heard from the cast of Community. Well, almost all of them shared their sentiments about the great news on Twitter. Even creator Dan Harmon and some of the writers of the show shared their thoughts. All very good thoughts of course. But the good news doesn’t stop there. A Sony Exec is actually exploring the idea of a movie? Hit the jump to see what he and the people of Community had to say. [Read more...]

“Community” Lives On To See Season 6

Community Season 5 Header Image

Community is just that one sitcom that refuses to get cancelled. After four seasons of continual low ratings, a strange schedule, cast member disputes and departures, Community nearly met its end after NBC cancelled it after five long hilarious but also tumultuous seasons. But fear not, as Abed would appropriately shout: “SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE.” Okay half of that statement is true, the other half has yet to be announced (cross your fingers).

The sitcom has been revived, and has found a new home, and a brand new platform, Yahoo Screen. Scratching your head? Thought that Community would find its new home on Hulu. Well hit the jump to read more about this. [Read more...]

“Jurassic World” Director Posts Bloody Photo From the Set Via Twitter


The new Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World, is currently filming and from time to time director Colin Trevorrow has been using his Twitter account to tease pics from the set. His most recent one posted from 4 am on Saturday shows that things are getting a little bloody in the dinosaur-filled locale. Check out the photo of plasma-spilled mayhem after the break.

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“Begin Again” Viral Contest Gives Keira Knightley Some Style

Keira Knightley in Begin Again

Picking an outfit for very important occasions isn’t easy. But chances are you have someone to give you some very helpful advice on how to look good. Now the marketing team behind the upcoming Begin Again, will give you a chance to return the favor by helping film stars Keira Knightley and Hailee Steinfeld look good.

A new viral marketing contest was just launched, and to enter you just have to create a style for Knightley and Steinfeld. A kind of style that is in hip and in fashion. Hit the jump to learn how to enter and for contest rules. [Read more...]

Guillermo del Toro Announces New Pacific Rim Sequel And Animated Series



Via the Legendary Entertainment Facebook page, a video popped up with director Guillermo del Toro announcing a new Pacific Rim sequel by April 7, 2017 as well as an animated series. After the jump, check out his announcement video.

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Tweet Your Favorite Ninja Turtle To Unlock New Posters, Trailer [Updated: All Posters Revealed]


One aspect about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property that I have always enjoyed is that the four main characters have such unique personalities that fans tend to gravitate towards one in particular as a favorite. A new social media campaign for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film hopes to take advantage of that personal connection by having fans choose their respective turtle “team” with the promise that the more who participate, the sooner four new posters and an exclusive trailer will be released. Read on for more details.

Updated: We have the posters for Leonardo and Michelangelo. Hit the jump to see them both. The original article follows.

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Google Hires “Pokémon” Masters!

pokemonmastercardBack on April Fool’s Day, Google Maps rolled out their Pokémon Challenge. People had to use their Google Maps app to find Pokémon hidden around their area. It was a “job interview” for the newly created role of Pokémon Master at Google. Of course there really wasn’t a Pokémon Master position with the company, but it was a fun activity to take part in for any Pokémon fan. Now, two months later, a participant on Reddit received a special message from Google…they got the job. More after the jump. [Read more...]