“Guardians Of The Galaxy” Lego-Inspired Video Proves That Everything Is Awesome

guardians of the galaxy lego image header

This year, Chris Pratt has played a nobody, who loves listening to his favorite songs, who also discovers an ancient relic, and is chased by a disgruntled cop, and teams up with a lovable group of misfits, to save the world from an incredible force of destruction. In a spaceship. Yup, he’s already done it once as a Lego minifigure in The Lego Movie, and now he’s going to have to do it again as a human being in Guardians of the Galaxy (Check out our review here). But what if the two were to be mashed up into once incredibly awesome video. We’ll it’s happened.

YouTube star Forrest Whaley has created this awesome video, which has been given a stamp of approval by the Walt Disney Company themselves. Hit the jump to check it out. [Read more…]

Internet Turns Adorable ‘Paddington’ Images Into Creepy Horror Mash-Ups

evil dead paddington teaser header image

The Internet likes to get creative. Between the Hail Hydra memes and the Sad Batman memes, no image or quote is safe from the wrath of the internet, not even the cutest of things like Paddington Bear. The iconic children’s literary character will be turned into a film this Christmas, and The Weinstein Company has released a new image to help promote the film – which stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters and Jim Broadben.

So while the photo itself doesn’t generate any interest, how people have spliced the cuddly Paddington into demented and scary scenes from fan favorite horror movies is something that will get your attention. Using the #creepypaddington on Twitter or Tumblr, you find a treasure trove of images of Paddington Bear photoshopped into some scary movies, which are pretty hilarious to say the least. Hit the jump to see some of our favorites. [Read more…]

Winter Is Coming, So Download The “Game Of Thrones”-Themed “Cards Against Humanity” Now

game of thrones daenerys targaryen

Cards Against Humanity is just one of those games you feel dirty playing but can’t help but laugh while playing with a group of friends. The combination of cards that can be played in Cards Against Humanity is endless. Using answers like sharp witty and very dark humorous answers to life’s most meaningful questions makes for one great game. There is a downloadable version of the game available for those who cannot get the game whether it’s because it’s sold out or they can’t afford it. While it may not have the same feel as the real deal, the downloadable versions does have some upside to it, they only versions where you can get themed cards.

As some of you may remember, just days before Valentine’s Day, House of Cards and Cards Against Humanity released the House of Cards Against Humanity game. Now if you don’t like House of Cards, but have been waiting for a Game Of Thrones-themed Cards Against Humanity game called Cards Against The Realm then wait no more, because a downloadable version is available. Hit the jump to find out how you can get it. [Read more…]

Ben Affleck Sad Batman Meme Goes Viral

sad batman neverending story

It’s pretty amazing how something so simple can turn into something of a viral hit. Often times creative internet memes go viral because they are able to mashup the purist of images with something very hilarious. Like the Hail Hydra meme just a few months ago.

Now the Internet has turned its attention to the latest photo reveal of Ben Affleck as Batman. Pretty much everyone noticed how sad and mopey Batman looked in photo reveal that Batman vs Superman director Zack Snyder tweeted out. So being the creative people that you are, fans put their photoshop skills to the test, and created these wonderful memes. Check them all out after the jump. [Read more…]

“Game Of Thrones” Interactive Map Puts All Other Interactive Maps To Shame

game of thrones opening title sequence header image

Part of what fascinates us with Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and other fictionalized nations, is the idea that they are so massive in size that they are not only uncharted, but they could possibly open the doors to new adventures. Now with the power of the internet at our hands, we can actually see what these areas look like thanks to the help of cartographers charting what they think looks like the fictionalized area in question.

Now a new interactive map has popped up online, and it is sure to put any of the other interactive maps you have seen to shame. That’s because it is an interactive map for HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones. Hit the jump to check it out. [Read more…]

“Community” #SixSeasonAndAMovie Campaign Looks Hilariously Similar To “The Social Network”

Community Season 5 Header Image

There was a time when fans of a sitcom or drama would send a massive amount of postage mail to TV studio execs to keep their show alive. But in an age of social media, we now have the much more cost-effective hashtags and memes to turn to. One praticular show that is currently on the bubble is Community. Having ending it’s fifth season just a few weeks ago, a new, and very timely, social media campaign to keep the show alive.

You see, there is an ongoing joke what Abed (Danny Pudi) started when he was obbessed with another NBC short-lived superhero drama called The Cape. While Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) said it wouldn’t last very long, Abed quickly retorted: Six Seasons and a Movie.

Since then, it has been fans hope that there would be six seasons, and possibly a movie. So that time is now.Gill See how fans are banding together to see their six seasons and a movie come alive after the jump. [Read more…]

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Quote Becomes New Viral Meme Sensation

captain america the winter soldier scarlett johansson chris evans

Having grossed $96 million domestically, $300 million globally, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the best films of the year hands down – check out our review. While the box office numbers, and critical reception is one thing, a film can also be defined by internet memes. One particular meme has gone viral, and this is something that no one could have ever seen coming.

Spoilers follow after the jump. [Read more…]

Website “tiii.me” Calculates How Much Time You Waste Watching TV

Website tiii.me in action

Today, we have a new site that allows you to figure out how much time you spend on all those TV shows. The site, tiii.me lets you find TV show names, select the number of seasons you’ve seen, and then calculate it in days, hours, and minutes. Hit the jump to see more about this new tool. [Read more…]

Mysterious Company HUVr Annouces “Back To The Future” Hoverboards

HUVr Back To The Future Hoverboard

Like many who marvelled at the technology in the Back To The Future trilogy, we were especially interested in the hover boards and self-lacing shoes that Marty sported in those movies. Over the years, the promise of this kind of technology has inspired a number of fakes, and even a promise from Nike. Today, new hoverboards were announced by HUVr. Real, or some sort of viral marketing stunt? Hit the jump to find out more. [Read more…]

“Jurassic Park” Security System Hack Simulator Will Force You To Say The Magic Word

Jurassic Park Magic Word Header

Light that cigarette, and hold on to your butts, because you can experience hacking the Jurassic Park security system for yourself in a new fan-made simulator called Jurassic Systems created by Tully Robinson.

The game is inspired by Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) tries to bypass the obnoxious personal coding touches of Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight). Hit the jump to see how to play. [Read more…]