Watch: Zeb Fights Stormtroopers In ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Short “Entanglement”

star wars rebels zeb entanglement

Disney had released its third Star Wars Rebels short in anticipation for its hour long premiere on October 3rd. Previous shorts have focused on the various members of the rebel force, one centering on an R2 unit, the other on Sabine, the Mandalorian Human. The third one now focuses on Zeb (voiced by Steven Blum), the team’s muscle. Like Sabine, Zeb is intersted in making Stormtroopers look bad, only not as flashy and more straight to the point.

Check out the Star Wars Rebels short titled Entanglement below. [Read more...]

Aaron Paul Holds A “Breaking Bad” Scavenger Hunt Prior To The Emmys

aaron paul breaking bad image

Aaron Paul really loves his fans. Surprising people who are touring his neighbor hood, helping out Omaze, or hosting advanced screenings of his films like Need For Speed. Whatever it is, the guy is pretty cool, and he is proving how cool he is by hosting a Breaking Bad-themed scavenger hunt in the Hollywood area.

In celebration of the Emmys and the final time that Breaking Bad will ever be up for awards, Aaron Paul will be holding a scavenger hunt for Breaking Bad fans. Check out what he had to post on Instagram, and what will be up for grabs after the post. [Read more...]

Watch James Franco Interview Actual Celeberties In Viral Marketing Campaign For “The Interview”

watch james franco iggy azalea interview image

A satire comedy like The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen pretty much sets itself up for a fun viral marketing campaign, and now we are getting just that with a new faux interview hosted by Franco’s entertainment journalist character Dave Skylark. Titled “Dave Skylark’s Very Special VMA Special,” the faux interview actually is a promotion for MTV’s the Video Music Awards.

Featuring VMA nominees and performers Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Jason Derulo, the special has the stars subjecting themselves to the antics of the fictional celebrity tabloid TV show “Skylark Tonight.” The special includes Franco as Skylark and Rogen as producer Aaron Rapoport, grilling each interviewee about everything ranging from the benefits of being Australian, trying to bait one to singing one’s name, to the size of certain body parts hit the jump to see the entire interview. [Read more...]

Mysterious Billboard Pops Up For “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” In LA


With the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiering in September, a mysterious new billboard that promotes the show has popped up on a popular LA intersection. It features the weird alien equation that Agent Coulson was writing at the end of the season finale. Check out the mysterious billboard after the jump.

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Win Tickets To “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” Premiere By Playing S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Hydra Game

S.H.I.E.L.D. or HydraTo promote the DVD release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Walt Disney and Marvel are offering a chance to win tickets to the premiere of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. With Age Of Ultron wrapping production, and the May 1st, 2105 release date approaching quickly – we’re bound to see more of these sorts of games and contests. Hit the jump to see more. [Read more...]

“Dumb And Dumber To” Poke Fun At “Lucy” Poster

dumb and dumber too harry lloyd image

The tagline for Luc Besson‘s Lucy is “The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what she could do with 100%.” Now we’ve seen plenty of films explore the use of a character’s full potential. All of them had pretty interesting viral marketing campaigns, but what if a film took a completely different look at how a character used their brain or lack thereof.

Dumb and Dumber To is the long awaited sequel to the Farley Brothers’ 1994 film. Now we’ve seen plenty of parody posters, but this one is pretty funny considering it is mocking a film that prides itself on using 100% of their brain, hit the jump to check it out. [Read more...]

Viral Video: Dancing Groot Scene From “Guardians Of The Galaxy”

groot guardians of the galaxy image

We are already nearing two weeks since the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, and true Marvel fans – all of whom should have told everyone not to leave the theater until the end of the credits by now – might have seen those hilarious extra credit scenes by now.

But if you haven’t seen it yet, or for some reason could not stay until after the credits, then the following video may just be considered a spoiler, although, I wouldn’t consider it a huge spoiler. Yahoo! has released the extra scene of Groot dancing after the Guardians served their heroic duties. Hit the jump to see Groot bust a move, plus a few words from James Gunn, who was actually the inspiration behind the scene. [Read more...]

Viral Video: “Let’s Be Cops” Viral Marketing Handing Out Social Media Citations

lets be cops image header

We spend a lot of hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, posting photos, liking status, and retweeting things. But sometimes we come across stupid posts, and ask ourselves, why isn’t there a “dislike” button, or “I hate this” button. While Facebook or any of the other social media platforms won’t give us what we won’t, the people over at 20th Century Fox is making the “dislike” option a little easier by offering us “Let’s Be Cops” social media citations.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You can hand out social media citations to things you you don’t like or deem stupid. Hit the jump to see what kind of citations you can hand out, plus a hilarious viral video that will help you figure out when to hand these citations out. [Read more...]

Latest “Star Wars Episode VII” Tweet Teases A Mysterious Droid Hand

star wars episode vii force for change header image

We’ve watched how Disney and J.J. Abrams have been marketing their Star Wars Episode VII “Force For Change” OMAZE UNICEF campaign for quite some time. With each new update, comes a very exciting tease, or hilarious video between two late night comedians, or a brand new look at a classic rebel fighter. But now that the campaign has come to a close, it is time to announce a winner, with the help of a cryptic hand.

Bad Robot has tweeted the name of the winner plus how much was donated to their campaign. Hit the jump to check it out. [Read more...]

“The Boxtrolls” Interactive Poster Turns You Into LAIKA’s Latest Creatures

the boxtrolls image header

In anticipation for the release of The Boxtrolls, LAIKA has created a new marketing campaign that should get moviegoers more excited for the film.

To help promote the film, “the studio has teamed up with ad agency Wieden+Kennedy to create this “magic mirror” standee that uses an X-Box Kinect interface.” This was first reported by Mashable.

Standing in front of the standee, a lovable creature wearing a box will appear before you. Making any sort of motion from jumping, arm and leg waving, the box covered character will copy your movements. It even mimics facial gestures. Hit the jump to check out some images of the film. [Read more...]