“Project Almanac” Flyers Signal Secret Screening At Comic-Con

project almanac header photo

If you just so happen to be over at the San Diego Comic-Con, you have seen a couple of flyers for the found footage time traveling thriller Project Almanac. Though the film has gone through various title changes, the premise of the film has stayed the same. Project Almanac follows a group of young teenagers who discover a document that would allow them to build a time machine. Using a video camera to record their discovery, they successfully build the time machine, only to find out that there are repercussions to altering the past, and they must find a way to reset everything to the way it once was.

While the film does dive into that time traveling fantasy, it manages to stay grounded by limited to how far back the device can take them. And now the Platinum Dunes company is ready to unveil the film to those over at SDCC. Hit the jump to check out the flyers that will lead you to the secret screening. [Read more...]

Jon Stewart Duels Stephen Colbert For “Star Wars” Geek Trivia Supremacy… And To Support UNICEF

star wars force for change jon stewart

Omaze runs some pretty fantastic charity campaigns.  We’ve heard about the Breaking Bad riding in the RV campaign, the ride in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and rehearse a scene from House of Cards with eating BBQ with Kevin Spacey.  But the biggest and most geek driven campaign has to be the Star Wars Episode VII campaign.  J.J. introduced the Force For Change campaign back in May, but Omaze has been pushing for it non-stop.  So with only seven days left to donate, the charitable crowdfunding site has recruited two of the funniest late night comedians/political satirists, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and pitted them against each other to see who is the biggest Star Wars geek, and help raise awareness for the campaign to help UNICEF.  Hit the jump to see the full video. [Read more...]

Omaze And NetFlix Team Up For A Tasty “House Of Cards” Contest

house of cards freddy's bbq joint

Often times I wonder if any of the restaurants seen in shows exist or not. While some are built sets, others are actual locations with the names changed for legal purposes of course. And while you may be able to find some of the restaurants used in films or tv shows through fan or Hollywood websites, few of them offer something like what Omaze and Netflix are offering.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat the the Frank’s BBQ, the BBQ joint where Frank Underwood devises political strategies on House Of Cards, well, Omaze and Netflix is giving you a chance to do so. And just to sweeten the deal, they are offering you a chance to eat BBQ with Kevin Spacey and House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon. Hit the jump to find out more about the contest, and the details as to why it is being held. [Read more...]

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1″ Viral Video: District 13 Has A Message For Panem

the hunger games mockingjay viral image

It was only a couple of weeks back when Lionsgate launched the revamped viral marketing campaign for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Tailored to fit the themes of the third book, the first wave of Mockingjay viral videos came in the form of President Snow (Donald Sutherland) addressing the nation as a unified force in a time where Katniss’ actions have started uprisings and revolutions in nearly all of the districts of Panem. The video also contained some minor spoilers, but it did set a precedent for not only the film, but for the marketing campaign itself.

Now a new video has been released, which shows President Snow once again addressing the nation, trying to unite them during trying times. But something strange occurs during his address, and it’s something the entire nation of Panem and fans of The Hunger Games novels needs to hear. Hit the jump to see the full video. [Read more...]

“Gone Girl” Trailer: Ben Affleck And David Fincher’s Drama Has Chills Running Down Your Spine

Gone Girl Starring Ben Affleck Image

The second trailer David Fincher‘s adaptation of Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, as gone online. Based on the Gillian Flynn – she also wrote the screenplay – novel of the same name, Gone Girl is a story that reads like it has been ripped from the headlines. A seemingly perfect married couple caught in a murder mystery, where a husband desperately searches for the truth on who killed his wife, while the entire world looks at him as an apathetic suspect.

The release of the trailer follows four posters of sealed bags of evidence releases announcing that a new trailer was being released today.

Hit the jump to see the full trailer. [Read more...]

“Gone Girl” Viral Marketing Campaign Has Evidence Of A New Trailer

gone girl image header

David Fincher has embraced the way films films are virally markerted, and as such each and every one of his films are promoted in unique and ingenious ways. The Social Network‘s marketing resembled Facebook’s website, while The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo had a razor sharp dark tone. Now the viral marketing for his upcoming film adaptation of Gone Girl has been ramped up. Following the film’s viral website and phone number that recited the first few pages of the novel of the same name, comes evidence of a new trailer. Literally, it’s evidence of a new trailer. Hit the jump to see what this evidence contains.

[Updated: We have added three new posters from AwardsDaily, IndieWire, and HitFix. The original post follows.]

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“Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Ends Campaign With $5.4 Million

reading rainbow lavar burton kickstarter image

Briefly: LaVar Burton‘s Reading Rainbow may have reached it’s $1 million goal in a day, but fans would keep backing the project for days and weeks until it reached its $5 million goal. And now that the 35-day campaign has come to an end, it’s time to count how backers donated to the project. We recently reported that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane promised to match every dollar donated to the campaign when it reached $4 million. That must given the campaign the extra push it needed to reach the $5 million goal, plus approximately $400K of interest.

Mashable is reporting that the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter’s final numbers are $5.4 million. You can add another million that will be donated by MacFarline as promised, which would make it a grand total of $6.4 million. The campaign first started back on May 28, and as aforementioned, the project reached its $1 million target in a day. Then it reached $2 million on day two.

3 Short Prequels To “Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes” Explain 10 Year Gap After “Rise”

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Teaser Image
Tucked in the credits of Rise of the Planet of the Apes was what descended the earth into a viral epidemic. This so-called Simian Flu is what wiped out most humans and left the apes in a very strong position at the beginning of Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes. Since the gap between the two movies is a massive 10 years, this presents the studio with a chance to fill in the blanks. One way they’ve done this is to create series of three short prequels. Hit the jump to watch. [Read more...]

Marvel Giving Fans A 17-Minute Preview Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy” In IMAX; New Poster Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy

Well this pretty much guarantees that Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be at Comic-Con this year. Not too long after a Guardians of the Galaxy preview debuts at Disneyland on July 4th, Marvel Studios has announced that a 17 minute preview of the film will be hitting 150 IMAX screens across North America on July 7th. Guardians of the Galaxy: An IMAX® 3D First Look will feature thrilling, never-before-seen IMAX 3D footage of the James Gunn-directed epic space adventure.

Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s official Facebook page to get your tickets.

Hit the jump to see what Gunn had to say about the preview and and a look at a cool new poster from the film. [Read more...]

Seth MacFarlane To Donate $1 Million Towards “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Campaign

seth macfarlane reading rainbow kickstarter image

We already know how the Reading Rainbow kickstarter campaign was able to accumulate the $1 million funds needed to relaunch the PBS series into a readily available scholarly program for the youth. In fact there were some really cool incentives for fans should they give larger amounts. But with the campaign drawing to a close in a few days, a new backer has emerged, and he will donate up to $1 millions, of his own money towards the program.

That person is comedian Seth MacFarlane. Hit the jump to see how he is helping the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign out. [Read more...]