UPDATED: Play 80′s Video Games At Comic-Con To Win Walk-On Role In “Pixels”


The upcoming feature film Pixels starring Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage and directed by Chris Columbus is based on the viral video hit of the same name. The story involves the world being attacked by old school video game characters, so for this year’s Comic-Con, Sony has created an 80′s video game arcade called the Electric Dreams Factory. At the arcade, you  can compete with other gamers and possibly win the ultimate prize of a walk-on role in Pixels. Check out the contest’s promo video starring Peter Dinklage with a mullet and find out other info about their Comic-Con arcade after the jump. Now UPDATED with new video from Chris Columbus. [Read more...]

Jon Stewart Duels Stephen Colbert For “Star Wars” Geek Trivia Supremacy… And To Support UNICEF

star wars force for change jon stewart

Omaze runs some pretty fantastic charity campaigns.  We’ve heard about the Breaking Bad riding in the RV campaign, the ride in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and rehearse a scene from House of Cards with eating BBQ with Kevin Spacey.  But the biggest and most geek driven campaign has to be the Star Wars Episode VII campaign.  J.J. introduced the Force For Change campaign back in May, but Omaze has been pushing for it non-stop.  So with only seven days left to donate, the charitable crowdfunding site has recruited two of the funniest late night comedians/political satirists, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and pitted them against each other to see who is the biggest Star Wars geek, and help raise awareness for the campaign to help UNICEF.  Hit the jump to see the full video. [Read more...]

“Begin Again” Viral Contest Gives Keira Knightley Some Style

Keira Knightley in Begin Again

Picking an outfit for very important occasions isn’t easy. But chances are you have someone to give you some very helpful advice on how to look good. Now the marketing team behind the upcoming Begin Again, will give you a chance to return the favor by helping film stars Keira Knightley and Hailee Steinfeld look good.

A new viral marketing contest was just launched, and to enter you just have to create a style for Knightley and Steinfeld. A kind of style that is in hip and in fashion. Hit the jump to learn how to enter and for contest rules. [Read more...]

J.J. Abrams Gives You A Chance To Be In Star Wars: Episode VII


With production already started on the next entry  in the Star Wars universe, J. J. Abrams has announced a way that one lucky fan could have a part in Episode VII. After the break, find out how to get your name in the running to play a character in a galaxy far, far away and how they’re using this contest to raise money for a worthy cause.

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“Godzilla” Viral Review

Godzilla Teaser image

Godzilla was pretty much on everybody’s most anticipated lists of 2014 -read our glowing review of the film here. The idea of bringing back one of film’s most iconic creatures after a 16 year absence since the disastrous 1998 film directed by Roland Emmerich, was a pretty big gamble. Not to mention that the film was to be directed by Gareth Edwards, who only had the indie hit Monsters under his belt.

However, Warner Bros was not going to let any of that get in their way, and with an excellent marketing strategy, a fun viral marketing campagin, and some ingenious marketing tie-ins, Godzilla turned out to be one the best films yet. Hit the jump to read the full review. [Read more...]

TFIOS Live Stream Concert: Ed Sheeran, Grouplove, Charli XCX And Cast


Hey Nerdfighters!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow May 14th for a special live stream concert in celebration of The Fault in Our Stars on thefaultinourstarsmovie.com.

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Become A Receiver With “The Giver” Interactive Contest

The Giver

For the release of The Giver, The Weinstein company has rolled out an immersive viral campaign that takes fans to different platforms in order to reflect the themes of the movie. What’s super awesome about these sites is that they take social media and use it as a tool to engage their audience to participate in the world of the movie.

More on how you can enter and what you can win after the jump. [Read more...]

See “Godzilla” Early Thanks To IGN’s New Contest

Godzilla starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Johnson

May is only a few more days away, and we all know that the first weekend of May kicks off the summer movie season. Sony will release The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in U.S. theaters, and many more films will follow after that. One movie we are very excited to see is Gareth Edwards’ re-imagining of Godzilla. But if you wanted to check out the film before anyone else, than you will have to participate in a little contest that IGN is having. Hit the jump to check out how to enter and win. [Read more...]

Win A $1 Million If You Throw 100 MPH At Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm” Pitching Contest

million dollar arm jon hamm header image

Million Dollar Arm is based on JB Bernstein’s travels to India to find new baseball talent in hopes of keeping his sport agency alive. In a country known more for the sport of Cricket than baseball, he found two exciting pitching prospects thanks in part to a reality show competition he helped create in India. The two winners both received cash prizes, with the top pitcher winning a million dollars in cash.

Now, that idea is being brought here to the states. To help promote the film, Disney is running a Million Dollar Arm contest of their own, where the winner has a chance to receive, you guessed it, a million dollars. Hit the jump to see how you can win.

Here is what you need to know about the contest, including rules, regulations, how to qualify, where to pitch, and more. [Read more...]

NBC Launches “Comedy Playground Initiative” To Help With Their Comedy Lineup

nbc comedy playground initiative

After a string – a very long string to be exact – of failing sitcoms, NBC is looking for some new talent to revive their one great staple, and they are looking to you to create it. The crowd sourcing initiative is being called the NBC Comedy Playground Initiative is a national campaign designed to give aspiring comedy writers in the U.S. the chance to bring their concepts from pitch to air. Hit the jump to learn more. [Read more...]