Disney Teams With XPrize For Ultimate “Tomorrowland” Mentorship Experience


Disney is doing it again, teaming up with XPrize to help promote their film, Tomorrowland, and the advancement of education. 8 – 17-year-olds are encouraged to “imagine themselves in the future and report back to the present through video, imagery or stories about one new and amazing invention or innovation they encounter, how it works, and the impact it has on the future.”

In June, six winners will have “a mentorship experience with a leader in their area of interest.” All six will receive $3,000 check, a 3D Printer from 3D Systems, and registration for FIRST® LEGO® League for the competition season 2015-2016 in the U.S.

Participants will be split into two different divisions: Junior Division (8-12 years old), and Senior Division (13–17 years old). The contest starts on April 22, and all submissions must be received by May 17, 2015. Directed by Tomorrowland opens in theaters on 22. Hit the jump for more. [Read more…]

“Avengers: Age of Ultron”: Have the Best Day Ever with RDJ; New Trailer Thursday!

ironman donuts
We’re a little less than two months away from the debut of Marvel Studio’s follow up to its billion-dollar grossing juggernaut, Avengers: Age of Ultron! The marketing campaign is in full swing now with character poster reveals, TV Spots and now contests. Omaze and Robert Downey, Jr. are offering fans a once in a lifetime opportunity: attend the world premiere of the film with RDJ himself! We’ve got the details on that, plus the debut of the theatrical trailer – after the jump! [Read more…]

‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Can Snack On Sweet Deal From Cinnabon

Better Call Saul

In the Breaking Bad episode “Granite Slate,” Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) predicted his own fate of managing a Cinnabon somewhere in Nebraska after the collapse of Walter White’s meth empire. The series premiere of Better Call Saul opened with the titular character changing his name from Saul to Gene, and managing a Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraska. “I just wrote that scene and it sounded funny, but it never occurred to me in a million years that we’d actually show what we show at the beginning of episode 1,” says Bad writer and Saul co-creator Peter Gould.

Cinnabon spokeswoman Loryn Franc was just as shocked as everyone else to hear the once slick lawyer make such a specific prediction.

Now, hours after the series aired its pilot episode, and moves to its regular time slot Mondays at 10pm, Cinnabon is offering a sweet deal to its customers by giving away one free minibon. And there is a lot more to it than just free food. Hit the jump for more. [Read more…]

‘Taken 3’s Liam Neeson Wants To Endorse Your “Particular Set Of Skills” On Linkedin

taken 3 trailer image

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all forms of social media that cater to the entertaining side of the virtual community. You can also use it to enhance your business. But for more professional uses, there’s Linkedin. Now to help promote the upcoming release of Taken 3, Fox is teaming up with Linkedin, for a contest where the winner gets their skills to be endorsed by none other then the man with all kinds of skills: Liam Neeson. Hit the jump for more. [Read more…]

Paramount Runs Pair Of ‘Interstellar’ Contests That Will Take Winners To The Edge Of Space

Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey Anne Hathaway David Oyelowo

Interstellar is an unforgettably spectacular visually immersive film going experience unlike any other. Christopher Nolan’s space epic uses elements from other sci-fi space films and mixes them in with his signature style. Now to help promote the film, Paramount revealed they will unveil a space exhibit at the National Air & Space Museum. Now the studio is running a pair of contests to help bring you closer to the edge of space. One contest will literally bring you to space, but if you like to stay closer to home but experience space, you can bring the Interstellar Oculus Rift to your hometown. Hit the jump to find out how. [Read more…]

Lionsgate Launches “‘The Storytellers — New Creative Voices of ‘The Twilight Saga.'” Competition

twilight kristen stewart

Lionsgate is reviving their box office hit The Twilight Saga franchise by launching a writing competition where five female filmmakers will be chosen to make short films based on characters from the series.

The studio will help finance each of the winners’ films, which will then be released via Facebook. Twilight author Stephine Meyer and film star Kristen Stewart will help judge the competition as well as provide guidance to the winners’ films. Hit the jump to learn more [Read more…]

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Launches Early Viral Marketing Campaign

X-Men Apocalypse Viral Site Header Image

It is never too early to start a marketing campaign for a film like X-Men: Apocalypse. And 20th Century Fox is starting some very early marketing promotion for the upcoming film, which will be directed by Byran Singer, by launching two new viral marketing websites. The film is actually no where near the start of production, in fact it is still be written, and the cast is still being assembled, but if its any indication, these two new viral marketing campaigns could set the tone for the film.

One is for unite the mutants for good, the other seeks to expose the mutants as a threat to the human population. Which side are you on? Hit the jump to check out the site. [Read more…]

Disney & XPRIZE Assembling Young Heroes To Form Real-Life ‘Big Hero 6′


Disney loves to partner up with nonprofit groups for exciting contests while tying it to marketing their tentpole films. Sure it may sound like a marketing plug, it also helps the younger audience to be inspired to do good in the field of academics, citizenship, etc. So for the upcoming Big Hero 6, Disney has partnered up with XPRIZE, a leading organization solving the world’s Grand Challenges by creating and managing large-scale, high-profile, incentivized prize in five areas: Learning; Exploration; Energy & Environment; Global Development; and Life Sciences.

The two have launched a video contest between the ages of 8 and 17 to harness their creativity and come up with innovative ideas to tackle the world’s biggest challenges using science, technology, engineering, art and/or mathematics. Hit the jump to learn more. [Read more…]

Guillermo Del Toro Wants You To Scare Him In New Contest From Legendary Pictures and YouTube

Guillermo del Toro could well be the busiest man in Hollywood — it is rare a day goes by where his name is not attached to an upcoming film or television show. Despite his backlog of projects, the filmmaker has announced that he will preside over a rather cool contest put together by Legendary Pictures and YouTube. The two companies have partnered for the YouTube House of Horrors: A Legendary Halloween contest, which seeks to discover the next great mind in horror cinema. Read on for the details.

[Read more…]

Aaron Paul Holds A “Breaking Bad” Scavenger Hunt Prior To The Emmys

aaron paul breaking bad image

Aaron Paul really loves his fans. Surprising people who are touring his neighbor hood, helping out Omaze, or hosting advanced screenings of his films like Need For Speed. Whatever it is, the guy is pretty cool, and he is proving how cool he is by hosting a Breaking Bad-themed scavenger hunt in the Hollywood area.

In celebration of the Emmys and the final time that Breaking Bad will ever be up for awards, Aaron Paul will be holding a scavenger hunt for Breaking Bad fans. Check out what he had to post on Instagram, and what will be up for grabs after the post. [Read more…]