Japanese ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Trailer Embraces Film’s Crazy Fun

guardians of the galaxy trailer image

James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the highest grossing films of the year. Though the film has grossed $586 million worldwide, Guardians has yet to open in other international markets like Japan. To help promote the film, Japan has been releasing trailers and TV spots, just like any market would. But Japan doesn’t market the film the same way we do, in fact they have their own brand of quirkiness.

So they have released a trailer that focuses on raccoons and trees as seen on nature channels before switching over to Rocket spraying bullets and a walking tree who can only say “I am Groot.” There’s also the fact that the Japanese voiceover is energetic and enthusiastic. Hit the jump to check it out. [Read more...]

Annabelle Scare Prank Created for Toronto Fan Expo

annabelle header

With the upcoming The Conjuring spin-off movie, Annabelle, hitting theaters on October 3rd, the makers used the Toronto Fan Expo to help promote the release with a little scare prank involving the cursed doll. A display was made with a woman dressed up as a human-sized version of the doll and people could have their picture taken in front of it, but once they posed to take a picture, that’s when Annabelle would strike. Check out several of their scared reactions after the break.

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Everything Wrong With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Gets The Honest Trailer Touch And Vice Versa

andrew garfield dane dehaan in the amazing spider-man 2

We know what How It Should Have Ended videos’ MO are, as well as what CinemaSins does with their Everything Wrong With videos, and ScreenJunkies’ Honest Trailers video series being brutally honest.  But for their poking holes in the plot videos, we haven’t seen them swap duties until now.  And they couldn’t have done it for a better movie that deserves to be ripped the shreds than The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  ScreenJunkies did an Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while CinemaSins did an Honest Trailer for the same film.  But to see the results, you will have to hit the jump. [Read more...]

‘Big Hero 6′ Clip: Baymax Gives Hiro An Unwanted Diagnosis


We are all pretty excited about the upcoming Big Hero 6.  For one thing it is Disney’s first Marvel inspired animated film, which is based on the Marvel’s comic book series of the same name. Another reason is we have a special feature article on our visit to the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA to learn more about the film that we will post tomorrow.  So after two trailers, and some small panels at pop culture conventions, we are getting a brand new clip from the film. [Read more...]

New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Short “It’s Not What You Think” Features Ezra Bridger Stealing From The Empire

star wars rebels ezra bridger not what you think

We are a little over a month away before the hour long premiere of Star Wars Rebels, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of the Star Wars saga since the end of Clone Wars. Rebels will follow a young group of misfits in the early days of the Rebellion, and is set in between Episode III and Episode IV. We’ve already seen two shorts for characters that showed their respective skills and personalities, and this newest short isnt any different.

Disney XD has released a brand new short that features the young Ezra Bridger in action. Titled Not What You Think, Ezra happens to witness a Tie Fighter dogfight the starship Ghost. But it’s what Ezra ends up doing to one of the fallen starfighter that will help establish the character. Hit the jump to check out the full short.star wars rebels ezra bridger not what you think [Read more...]

Watch Henry Cavill Take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge While Wearing The Superman Suit

superman ice bucket challenge

Videos of celebrities doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are a dime a dozen, some of them are doing it while on the set of films currently in production. But few actually do it in character, or at least wearing their costumes. Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie almost did it until they made a surprise reveal. With the Ice Bucket Challenge showing no signs of slowing down, it was only a matter of time until we got to see someone do it in costume.

Zack Snyder is currently filming Superman V Batman: Dawn Of Justice, and film stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams took some time off during the production to take the Ice Bucket Challenge in full costume. And I don’t mean Cavill sporting a Clark Kent journalistic coats, I mean Cavill as Superman in full Superman gear. Hit the jump to check it out. [Read more...]

Watch: Zeb Fights Stormtroopers In ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Short “Entanglement”

star wars rebels zeb entanglement

Disney had released its third Star Wars Rebels short in anticipation for its hour long premiere on October 3rd. Previous shorts have focused on the various members of the rebel force, one centering on an R2 unit, the other on Sabine, the Mandalorian Human. The third one now focuses on Zeb (voiced by Steven Blum), the team’s muscle. Like Sabine, Zeb is intersted in making Stormtroopers look bad, only not as flashy and more straight to the point.

Check out the Star Wars Rebels short titled Entanglement below. [Read more...]

Hear The Awesome Full Soundtrack For Cinemax’s “The Knick”

The Knick  stars Clive Owen, Andre Holland, Jeremy Bobb and is directed by Steven Soderbergh

While we turn our attention to a movie series Clive Owen used to be a part of, a very interesting development has happened with his current project. Owen stars in the Cinemax show The Knick, about New York’s Knickerbocker Hospital during the turn of the twentieth century. The entire show’s soundtrack appears to have been uploaded to YouTube, hit the jump to hear it. [Read more...]

Viral Video: Honest Trailers For “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

captain america the winter soldier chris evans samuel l jackson

There are three types of parody trailers and film summaries: Cinema Sins, How It Should Have Ended, and Honest Trailers. We’ve seen many types of these videos for various films, and it shouldn’t be the least bit surprising that we have one for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We already have a How Should Captain America: The Winter Soldier Have Really Ended, but it’s time to poke a few more holes before Cinema Sins put a few more nails in the coffin. Hit the jump to check the full video out. [Read more...]

Watch James Franco Interview Actual Celeberties In Viral Marketing Campaign For “The Interview”

watch james franco iggy azalea interview image

A satire comedy like The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogen pretty much sets itself up for a fun viral marketing campaign, and now we are getting just that with a new faux interview hosted by Franco’s entertainment journalist character Dave Skylark. Titled “Dave Skylark’s Very Special VMA Special,” the faux interview actually is a promotion for MTV’s the Video Music Awards.

Featuring VMA nominees and performers Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Jason Derulo, the special has the stars subjecting themselves to the antics of the fictional celebrity tabloid TV show “Skylark Tonight.” The special includes Franco as Skylark and Rogen as producer Aaron Rapoport, grilling each interviewee about everything ranging from the benefits of being Australian, trying to bait one to singing one’s name, to the size of certain body parts hit the jump to see the entire interview. [Read more...]