Trailers Weekly: “Wish I Was Here”, “Planes: Fire And Rescue”, “22 Jump Street”, “Chef”, “Neighbors”



Trailers Weekly is a feature in which we bring you the most popular and talked about trailers of the week. Sharing trailers is a classic viral practice, and trailers are still the most mainstream way for people to learn about movies. We’ve got trailers from Wish I Was Here, Planes: Fire And Rescue, 22 Jump Street, Chef, and Neighbors. Hit the jump to see them all. [Read more...]

25 Historic Moments Changed By Mutants From “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”

X-Men Days Of Future Past starring Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy

It’s still too early to tell if X-Men: Days Of Future Past going to actually be good, but the marketing for this movie is starting to really heat up. We’ve seen some interesting ads with Quicksilver and Mystique, but no real viral activity until now. Playing off the X-Men: First Class‘ reference to mutants changing history, we have a new viral site that shows more of these events. Read on find out more and check out the site. [Read more...]

Evolve Yourself With This “Transcendence” App

transcendence header

In the new film Transcendence from director Wally Pfister, Dr. Will Caster (played by Johnny Depp) is an artificial intelligence researcher whose goal is to create the world’s very first sentient AI.¬† After an accident forces Dr. Caster to become the guinea pig for his own experiment, he transfers his¬†consciousness into a network where he quickly begins to evolve beyond anything he ever imagined. Now with this new app released by Warner Bros., you too can see what happens when you merge your physical presence with your digital one. Check out the results and get more details after the break. [Read more...]

Spider-Man’s Deadliest Villains, Carnage and Venom, Mentioned On “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Viral Site

carnage venom amazing spider-man 2 viral site image header

One of the concerns fans had about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was that it was chock full of villains. Aleksei Sytsevich aka The Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Max Dillion aka Electro (Jamie Foxx), and Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan) will all be fighting Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) in the highly anticipated sequel. But for those villains who didn’t get a starring role, they have been introduced via the film’s official viral site The Daily Bugle Tumblr Blog.

Shocker, Puma, Doc Ock, Vulture, Hobgoblin, are just some of the villains that have been mentioned on the site. Now The Daily Bugle is adding two more villains to the viral marketing rouge gallery: Carnage and Venom.

Hit the jump to read the full article, and why this latest viral site update may be the most important of all. [Read more...]

“The Fault In Our Stars” Fanatics Can Be In A Music Video Or Become Fan Ambassador

the faults in our stars header image

Can we finally make “French the Llama!” happen? Because Nerdfighters, we have so much cause to celebrate! You’ve undoubtedly been following in anticipation all the news leading up to The Fault in Our Stars hitting theaters over on the Vlogbrothers channel–and hopefully our site too . You’ve demanded your stars to visit your city (Reblog!).¬† And now–not only can you contribute your words of encouragement to be featured on a soundtrack music video but also become a TFIOS Fan Ambassador.

I mean seriously, FRENCH THE LLAMA!!!

We’re a part of this and that’s super exciting. Now here’s the scoop and all the necessary links. Hit the jump to learn more. [Read more...]

NBC Launches “Comedy Playground Initiative” To Help With Their Comedy Lineup

nbc comedy playground initiative

After a string – a very long string to be exact – of failing sitcoms, NBC is looking for some new talent to revive their one great staple, and they are looking to you to create it. The crowd sourcing initiative is being called the NBC Comedy Playground Initiative is a national campaign designed to give aspiring comedy writers in the U.S. the chance to bring their concepts from pitch to air. Hit the jump to learn more. [Read more...]

“The Raid 2″ Video Game Offers A Chance To Win A Bloody XBox One

the raid 2 iko uwais interview image 01

Video games adapted into film, and films adapted into video games are very common. And while neither one turn out very good, some offer a glimmer of hope that it can be done right. That notion falls into the latter since video games adapted from films like X-Men: Origins and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World have done very well both commercially and critically. To help promote the wide release of the The Raid 2, the film is getting a video game of it’s own, and the best part, you don’t even have to buy it. Even better, Sony Pictures Classic, XYZ Films, and eOne Entertainment is offering a chance to win an XBox One. Hit the jump to learn more. [Read more...]

New “The Grand Budapest Hotel Posters” Character Posters and Spotify Playlists

Grand Budapest Hotel Header Image

Last week we posted the new character posters from The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was complimented by personalized Spotify playlists. These posters and playlists celebrated the quirky achievement for Wes Anderson‘s newest film. Now three more posters and spotify playlists have popped up online, and they are equally as charming as quirky as the last set of posters and playlists. Hit the jump to check them all out and hear the new music. [Read more...]

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Quote Becomes New Viral Meme Sensation

captain america the winter soldier scarlett johansson chris evans

Having grossed $96 million domestically, $300 million globally, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the best films of the year hands down – check out our review. While the box office numbers, and critical reception is one thing, a film can also be defined by internet memes. One particular meme has gone viral, and this is something that no one could have ever seen coming.

Spoilers follow after the jump. [Read more...]

Unusual First Look At Quicksilver From “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

X-Men Days Of Future Past starring Evan Peters, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy

When so much of marketing depends on the exposure of your product; How the world sees the first movements of your characters in costume can set the tone for a movie’s future. There have been some recent rumblings of problems with Quicksilver and his look. Thanks to a Carl’s Jr. advertisement, we have our first look at the speedy character in action. Hit the jump to see this. [Read more...]