Disney’s Video Archives May Prove UFO Presence In Brad Bird’s “Tomorowland”


Yesterday it was reported that Hugh Laurie was in talks to play an antagonist in Brad Bird‘s Tomorrowland. The film has many sci-fi aspects to it, and the contents of the 1952 box that was seen earlier this year supports that theory. But Disney historian Jim Hill further theorized that the film could be about Walt Disney’s plan to reveal to the entire world that UFOs were real.

Again the contents of the box had an Amazing Stories magazine featuring a man flying around with a jetpack, plenty of photos of Disney himself, and some boxes of archival video – contents of which are currently known. So there are plenty of clues that almost confirm that this Bird-directed film is indeed about Disney and UFOs, but Hill found more facts that further support his theory that Tomorrowland is indeed about Disney, UFOS, and Project Blue Book. So is it? Are we wrong? Well some new video seems to support Hill’s claims Hit the jump to find out more. [Read more…]

D23 & Jim Hill Investigate Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland Conspiracy


Formerly known as 1952, Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland is up an running and getting ready for production as it’s set for a December 2014 release. The film is ripe for viral potential as the 1952 mystery box that inspired the Damon Lindelof screenplay is stacked with vintage Disney paraphernalia and other sci-fi oddities. Now D23 and Disney expert Jim Hill got a closer look at the box and did some extra digging to get a better idea of what audiences are in for. FYI, everything that follows in this post are either theories or pure speculation and have been unconfirmed by parties involved. So read on to find out if their theories are sound ones. [Read more…]

Mystery Box That Inspired Brad Bird’s “1952” Has Viral Possiblities


To say that Damon Lindelof has an affinity towards immersing the audience in mystery would be an understatement. We’ve seen it in Prometheus and we are seeing it again in the Brad Bird-directed 1952. Like Lindelof’s previously penned script, details on what the film is about are slim, hell we can’t even be sure if 1952 takes place in 1952. But it has been rumored that the film is about a man who makes contact with alien-life.

So while we can keep guessing what the film is about, Lindelof and Bird have begun opening the so-called mystery box. The contents of the box were apparently the inspiration behind the movie when Lindelof was spending some time in Walt Disney’s personal development lab. Check out what the two tweeted out below. [Read more…]

Mystery Movie “1952” Could Have Viral Campaign

Earlier in the year, it was reported that LOST and Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof was working on a sci-fi script with Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) set to direct. Now we have more details on the mystery project, titled 1952, including the fact that it might have a viral campaign.
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