Interactive Haunted Hotel Mystery Could Stream To Movie Theaters


Have you ever wanted to unravel the mystery of why a place is haunted and what a ghost might be trying to tell you? Well, the wild minds at ALTERnetREALITY have created a haunted hotel experience called Windward Hotel that will let you do that “LIVE” and in person. Find out more about this new spin on the mystery dinner theater show and how they want to take it a step further after the jump.

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Online Horror Series “Slasher” To Premiere January 26 With Your Help


In an event that should remind us how far we have come with alternate reality games and online technology over the past few years, this weekend sees the launch of a new, interactive web horror series called Slasher. Produced by Mikrotone Enterprises through their site, Slasher will incorporate the company’s patent pending “Breaks” platform to allow audiences the revolutionary opportunity to watch and help decide the course of the show’s story in real-time using chat rooms, polls and other online tools to communicate with the actors onscreen. Hit the jump for more details about when the event will take place and how you can be a part of it.

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