First Augmented Reality Processor To Be Used In Mobile Phones


We naturally tend to focus on the creative aspects of viral marketing and augmented reality campaigns, but every once in a while we hear of technological advancements that hold the potential to dramatically change the size and shape of viral and ARG campaigns going forward. Augmented reality software developer Metaio announced this week they are partnering with wireless platform maker ST-Ericsson to integrate the first augmented reality processor, dubbed the “AREngine,” into their future mobile platforms. Hit the jump to learn just what this technology means and how it may impact ARG campaigns in the future.

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Fan Builds Model of TARDIS That is Bigger On the Inside


Tech writer Greg Kumparak has been on a sabbatical trying to learn and build new things. One of the things he created was a model of the famous TARDIS from Doctor Who. The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is the machine the Doctor uses to travel through space and time. While this would be all well and good on its own, he decided to kick it up a notch. In the show, the line “It’s bigger on the inside” is often said by the Doctor’s companions in shock at the machine’s interior size. So, Kumparak created an Augmented Reality mobile app so that the inside could look like it does in the show. Watch him show it off after the break.
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Featured App: The Muppets Band-Aid AR App

The Muppets exploded onto the big screen last Thanksgiving and had a very successful run. There’s talk of a sequel coming within the next couple of years. But if you can’t wait that long, Johnson & Johnson have created a special app which interacts with their Band-Aids to bring The Muppets to life!! [Read more…]

Swing into Action with “The Amazing Spider-Man” Augmented Reality App!

Coinciding with the release of the the new trailer launch for The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony Pictures Entertainment has launched a free mobile application, The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality App! The application allows fans to get up close and personal with Spider-Man in online and real world environments by finding specially marked movie-themed images and scanning them to activate interactive, 3D Spider-Man animations. More after the jump! [Read more…]

Save the World From the Aisles of Walmart with The Avengers AR App!

Imagine yourself strolling down an aisle at your local Walmart. You’re minding your own business, checking out the sweet HDTVs lining the wall, when all of a sudden, you’re confronted by Loki, the God of Mischief himself! What do you do? You don’t have any superpowers or a robotic suit of armor that you can use to defeat this villain. But wait, you do (presumably) have a smartphone equipped with the Avengers Superhero Augmented Reality App! What’s that you ask? Hit the jump to find out! [Read more…]

TRON Legacy AR Lightcycles Are Fun

Augmented Planet has a story on a cool Augmented Reality creation from graphic design company Expresso Design featuring the lightcycles of TRON: Legacy. Test it out for yourself here. Even though it’s in Italian, it’s pretty simple to navigate. Watch a demo video after the break.
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Coke Zero Has New Interactive “TRON: Legacy” Games and Exclusive Content

Coke Zero is to TRON: Legacy as Dr. Pepper was to Iron Man 2. Coke has given us a new mobile iPhone app, interactive cups,  new videos, a thinner waistline, and more! Find out all about it after the jump.
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The Green Hornet Gets Augmented

We haven’t had a lot of augmented reality news lately, which has led me to believe the fad, which looks to have reached its movie advertising peak last year, has started to fade. Fortunely it’s not completely dead, as Columbia Pictures’ The Green Hornet lets you test out the Black Beauty in real time. Details after the break.
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Darth Vader Commands You To Turn Left: TomTom Adds Star Wars Voices

Tired of those boring computer/English voices on your car’s GPS device telling you where to go? Well, now you can ride in style (nerd style) with new Star Wars voices for TomTom devices. The company has even launched an online game you can play to win a TomTom GPS device with one of the characters’ voices pre-installed. Hit the jump for more!
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Iron Man 2 Tidbits: Viral Video Could Become Trailer, Rochester Castle Projection, & Augmented Reality App

As we get closer to May 7th, we’re going to see a lot more images, clips, and other news regarding Iron Man 2. This week has seen some viral-ish tidbits, including a viral video that director Jon Favreau really liked, an AC/DC and Iron Man 2 video projected on a castle, and an augmented reality app. Get all the details after the break.
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