Sherlock: The Network App Invites Fans To Help Solve Cases

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In conjunction with series 3 airing in the U.S. on PBS Mystery, BBC Worldwide has released a viral video to promote a new app Sherlock: The Network inspired by the world of the show that users can buy to join in on the game. With 10 cases that users can aid Sherlock and Watson in, the BBC and the folks over at The Project Factory have come up with a fantastic interactive platform for fans to feel like they’re part of the team. There are even videos of John berating you and Mycroft recruiting you.  It’s really fun to see the clips of the actual cast including Freeman and Cumberbatch talking to you. Hit the jump to read about the details of the game. [Read more…]

‘Sherlock’ Mini-Episode ‘Many Happy Returns’ Prepares Fans for the New Year

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It’s been almost two years since the last episode of BBC Drama, Sherlock, and the excitement is reaching a fevered pitch. The show’s return for three more episodes is highly anticipated by fans, and they probably thought that they wouldn’t be seeing anything of the show (besides a couple of trailers) until the release in January. The BBC must not have felt that it was enough, since they decided to give the fans a holiday present.

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This Spoilerish Interactive Trailer For “Sherlock Series 3″ Helps Deduce Answers To Some Burning Questions


It has been 2 long years since the second series (or season as we like to call our annual television shows on this side of the pond) of the BBC hit Sherlock left us with a infuriatingly and nearly impossible query, is Sherlock alive and if so…how? Now, if that question alone seems extremely spoiler heavy then consider this brand new “interactive” trailer released by BBC One to be a tidal wave of spoilerish content. While it doesn’t answer that atom bomb of a question posed just a couple of sentences ago, it certainly isn’t afraid to tip toe around it in some rather creative ways. Details on the trailer and where to find it after the break. [Read more…]

Sherlockology Countdown Ends Early; “Sherlock” Series 3 Teaser Released Online

hesbackThis week, we’ve been covering a mysterious countdown run by Sherlock fan site Sherlockology which, in the sense of a traditional countdown, would have ended tomorrow some time. However, the countdown ended today, after the site posted another image, with a time rather than the number 1. Sherlockology has come out and explained the entire campaign. Get the details and see the teaser for Series 3 after the jump! [Read more…]

Watson Reviews Violin Online On Behalf of “Sherlock”

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The BBC’s Sherlock has had a strong viral presence since debuting in 2010, as we’ve talked about before. The modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes has a huge fanbase, including on Reddit, where someone recently found a review on the Cardiff Violin website done by John Watson on behave of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes uses a Cardiff Violin in the series, and Watson gives a glowing review. While the review date is almost 2 years old, this is the first time many people have seen it. Read the review after the break.

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“Sherlock” Fans Create DIY Guerilla Marketing Campaign “Believe in Sherlock”

Editor’s Note: A new and rather popular fan-based ARG has cropped up for the BBC television show Sherlock. After the jump is an account of the ARG from one of those fans. Enjoy.
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Sherlock: Modern Day Viral Is Afoot

One of the things that made me laugh (a lot) were the comments about the viral campaign for Sherlock Holmes, and the fact that the internet did not exist back then, and the fact that they used the internet to promote the viral. We all know that Sherlock Holmes’ was a little more involved than strictly internet and social networking, being that it involved mailings covered with old English detail, although be it minor detail. So what would happen if Mr. Holmes were part of the present day? Keep reading to find out more.
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DVD Review: Discovery Channel’s LIFE

LIFE is a groundbreaking nature documentary series that aired on Discovery Channel in the United States this Spring. It is part of the BBC Earth brand that has included other popular nature series including Planet Earth and The Blue Planet. You can now own LIFE at home, as it is available on DVD and Blu-ray starting today. Read our review after the jump.
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This Just In: A Generic News Report

Have you ever watched the news and noticed something…familiar about all those reports filed by correspondents? The same images, tone of voice, and even the structure? Charlie Brooker of BBC Four’s talkshow Newswire definitely notices the similarities. He filed this video report after the jump.
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