Creator of “The Boondocks” Launches Kickstarter to Fund Live-Action ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Movie

ruckusIn November 2005, Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, an animated series based on his award-winning comic strip of the same name, premiered on Adult Swim. Centering on The Freemans, an African-American family that moved from the south side of Chicago, to the fictional, peaceful suburb of Woodcrest. With it’s many crazy characters, none of them hold a candle to the self-hating Uncle Ruckus (no relation). With The Boondocks having been off the air for several years without any word on the rumored fourth season, McGruder has announced, via Kickstarter, a live-action film based on Uncle Ruckus. [Read more…]

Comic-Con News Round-Up: DREDD 3D, Workaholics, Frankenweenie, NBC, Warner Bros., and More!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 is just a week away, so we at MovieViral are getting bombarded with news, press releases, and more. After the break, check out some of the Comic-Con news we’ve gotten so far that you’ll want to know if you’re going to the convention.
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TV & Movie Apps: Fox’s “Own the Moments”, Reading Rainbow, and Cartoon Network

A few movie mobile apps have been released lately, so I wanted to spotlight them all here in one post. Fox Digital Entertainment released an app called “Own the Moments”, LeVar Burton final brings the world a Reading Rainbow iPad app, and Cartoon Network will start having a live TV feed on its app. Get the details after the jump.
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Cracked’s List Shows How A Viral Can Backfire

When it comes to alternate reality games, the more believable and interactive, the better. It’s wonderful experience we love, except for when it backfires.I’m not talking about when its structured sloppy, I mean when it is far too real for its own good. Cracked made a list that covers such a topic.
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