San Diego Comic Con 2014 – Thursday, 24th July Cosplay (Day 1)

SDCC 14 Cosplay Day 1

San Diego Comic Con 2014 has begun, and with that, herds upon herds of us geeks and nerds have descended upon the San Diego convention center. A pop culture convention has many staples: the great panels, the celebrity guests, exclusive products, and of course fantastic cosplay! Check out some of the best cosplay from Thursday after the jump…

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“Planes: Fire And Rescue” Review

Planes was one of the biggest surprise hits of last year. The film had a rough takeoff from the start. It was originally set to be a a direct to DVD film, Planes then took off to be a feature film, but lost its lead voice, Jon Cryer. Dane Cook was named as his replacement, but that name didn’t inspire confidence. And despite the shoddy animation, and familiar screenplay, Planes worked. It was actually a likeable film.

Since the first film was scheduled on the tail end of the summer blockbuster season, it was a perfect time to cleanse the cinematic pallet, which was burdened with an over saturation of superhero films. And because of that, it was one of Disney’s surprise box office hits. Of course since it was a hit, that would mean it would need a sequel. And now we have Planes: Fire And Rescue, which, again, looked like a tired and old animated film that deserves to be a direct to DVD, but is surprisingly good. Hit the jump for the full review. [Read more...]

Listen To The Entire “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Soundtrack Now

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer header

Normally movie score titles would ruin critical plot points, and as such, many fans anticipating said film would avoid even looking at what the a soundtrack contains. However when a soundtrack is comprised of songs, it is a little bit different. Sure they may not be a spoilerly as a score title, but song titles can set the tone for certain aspects of the film, and as such, fans would probably want to avoid them too. But what makes James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy a little bit different is that the soundtrack is completely comprised of an awesome mix of music from different generations.

As seen in the header image above, the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy is appropriately titled Awesome Mix Vol. 1. While the Vol. 1 may just be there for looks, the mix itself is indeed Awesome, and since it consists of music that has already been released, the entire playlist has already been uploaded on Spotify, which means it is now available for you to listen to. Hit the jump to check out the entire playlist. [Read more...]

Marvel Giving Fans A 17-Minute Preview Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy” In IMAX; New Poster Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy

Well this pretty much guarantees that Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be at Comic-Con this year. Not too long after a Guardians of the Galaxy preview debuts at Disneyland on July 4th, Marvel Studios has announced that a 17 minute preview of the film will be hitting 150 IMAX screens across North America on July 7th. Guardians of the Galaxy: An IMAX® 3D First Look will feature thrilling, never-before-seen IMAX 3D footage of the James Gunn-directed epic space adventure.

Check out the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s official Facebook page to get your tickets.

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Viral Video Roundup: “Star Wars”, “Game of Thrones”, Batman, And More!

Viral Videos

The Internet is full of videos related to movies and television, whether they be fan made, studio made, or somewhere in between. We regularly bring you the best, most interesting, or just plain weirdest. In this week’s edition: Disney’s Star Wars, Game of Thrones smack talk, and you thought Ben Affleck was bad.

Hit the jump to see this week’s videos!
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New “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Trailer Has More Rocket Raccoon Than You Can Handle

guardians of the galaxy trailer image

With just a month and a half until James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters, Disney and Marvel is ramping up the marketing for the film by releasing new TV spots every other week or so. A couple of trailers, as well as those nifty character profiles, told us a little bit more about the strange cast of characters that make up this new superhero team.

The brand new international trailer gives us a better look at some of the comedy that will be seen and just how outrageous this film can really be. Plus we get more footage of Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) bantering “I am Groot.” Hit the jump to see the new trailer. [Read more...]

“Star Wars: Episode VII” Director J.J. Abrams Urges You To Stop Making Ridiculous Claims About The Millennium Falcon


If you are as tired of Star Wars: Episode VII leaked photos as anyone else, then you are not alone. J.J. Abrams is tired of it as well, and in response to these leaked photos, the director has leaked a photo of his own from the set of the film. Of course, since this is a photo from the director himself, you aren’t going to get something as nearly exciting as the leaks you have been seeing, but the photo is funny, sarcastic, and addresses serious issues about leaked set photos. Hit the jump to see what he said. [Read more...]

“Maleficent” Review: A Classic Fairy Tale Story Of Rape And Revenge Gone Horribly Wrong

maleficent angelina jolie review image

Disney is already knee deep into the business of retelling classic fairy tales. The fact that they have made a business out of it via their animated films, just shows that there is always more to a story than what we see or read. Do these retellings make for a good film? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. But when it comes to these fairy tale stories reimagined, we get a live-action animation hybrid that is heavily glossed over with CG and visuals.

Often times when you get a film that is so heavy with visual effects, other parts of it start to suffer. In this case, it’s the story. Like Alice In Wonderland and Oz: The Great And Powerful, the visuals are spectacular, and a few performances are wonderful, but other parts of the cast are wasted, and the script is something that does not reflect what we see in the visuals.

And that is what has happened with Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie. Hit the jump to read the full review. [Read more...]

First Trailer For Disney and Marvel’s “Big Hero Six”

big hero 6 trailer image

Ever since Disney acquired the rights to Marvel a few years back, fans have been dreaming of what kind of collaboration the two giant entertainment companies could come up with. But none of them could have ever seen something like Big Hero 6 coming. The film is actually based on the comic of the same name, but it won’t be the live-action films we have been accustomed to seeing in the past. No, Big Hero 6 will be Disney and Marvel’s first full length animated feature film.

A young robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, builds his very own superhero team consisting of close friends and family, and his robot caretaker, a robot named Baymax, which looks like a walking marshmallow. But don’t let the Disney family friendly mantra fool you, Big Hero 6 looks awesome. Hit the jump to see the trailer. [Read more...]

“Million Dollar Arm” Review

million dollar arm jon hamm interview image 01

There are good sports movies, and then there are great sports movies, but Million Dollar Arm, despite the feel good movie vibes you feel, falls somewhere in between the two. Craig Gillespie’s latest directorial effort plays it safe without taking any risks whatsoever, and uses the typical sports film formula to create a film we have all seen before. The potential was there, and it certainly wasn’t wasted. It’s just that it throws more fastballs than curveballs. Hit the jump for the full review. [Read more...]