Conan Supporters Get Their Revenge on Hulu

The war may be over, there are still soldiers fighting on. The NBC Late Night fiasco that kicked off at the beginning of the year demonstrated the passion of Conan O’Brien’s fans. While the comedian has a new show on TBS, and doesn’t have anything to fear from George Lopez, fans are still mad. Most of the anger is directed towards the peacock network, but some has been channeled into Jay Leno himself. Find out how fans are using Hulu to voice their opinion.
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Late Night Feud Story Revived By 60 Minutes Interview and White House Correspondents Dinner

It seems this story never goes away. The NBC Late Night Feud that erupted in January made a big comeback this weekend. This year’s annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner had on Jay Leno as a guest speaker, and the President himself cracked some jokes about the situation. Also, 60 Minutes had Conan O’Brien’s first interview since the scandal. Check out both videos after the break.
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Late Night Feud Is Viral Gold, But Could End Today!

This is starting to become a daily update. Yet another night of talk shows have gone by, and yet another night of great moments worth watching (see them all over at Gawker). If you haven’t heard, Conan O’Brien looks to be leaving NBC after the network decided to cancel Jay Leno’s current 10pm show and move him back to 11:35pm. The official announcement is expected on Saturday according to TMZ. This has of course caused a lot of controversy, and all the late night shows are getting into the fun.

Fortunately for us, this is also generated a lot of viral news. First it was just support for Conan, but now Conan is taking matters into his own hands. Thursday night he put The Tonight Show up for sale on Craigslist. Last night he announced he would start selling other items on eBay, starting with a carry on bag with the show’s logo. The bidding started at $399 dollars, but now it’s up to $999,999. I assume this is pranksters, so who know if it will truly be sold.

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The Late Night Saga Continues on Craigslist and YouTube

I almost hope it never stops. While NBC is still staying quiet about what it plans to do with its late night line up, the two hosts in question, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, are definitely not. Check out Gawker to see all the great clips from last night, including Jimmy Kimmel ripping into Leno right to his face!

As we reported before, the battle has gone viral, and there are some more great tidbits to check out. First of all, you need to see this Craigslist posting that has Conan trying to sell “The Tonight Show” set. Conan actually had a segment about doing this on his show last night:

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