ParkerPOV Viral Reveals Parker’s Schedule and the Hunt for The Lizard

The Amazing Spider-Man is turning out to be the viral that we here at MovieViral have been waiting for. Like The Dark Knight viral that ran a few years back, fans of the franchise and viral enthusiasts are looking forward to the next great update for the highly anticipated movie. But this isn’t the Manhattan Police asking for your help in looking for and apprehending Spider-Man. It’s Spider-man asking you for help to find the Lizard. Hit the jump to find out how you can find The Lizard and some more goodies. [Read more…]

Mark of the Spider-Man: Peter Parker’s Backpack Found and More

The viral campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man has heated back up after a month on hiatus. The Mark of the Spider-Man website has gotten ahold of Peter Parker’s backpack, and there are some interesting clues inside. Get the details after the jump.
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“The Amazing Spider-Man” Viral Campaign Slings Into WonderCon

As was to be be expected, the viral campaign for Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man picked up some steam at WonderCon this weekend. In conjunction with Sony’s panel yesterday afternoon, there were a few updates to the campaign. Get the details after the break.
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Mark of the Spider-Man Website Now Has Video of Tagging Events


The Mark of the Spider-Man viral website had a change the other day that was unexplained. The large Spider-Man symbol at the bottom of the page no longer linked to the exclusive clip from The Amazing Spider-Man. Instead, it went to the film’s trailer on the Sony Pictures YouTube channel. Yesterday, however, the video changed again. Check it out after the break.
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New Film Clip Revealed Through Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Campaign


Mark of the Spider-Man, Sony’s viral campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man, has been in full swing this past week by having fans in six locations “tag” walls with Spider-Man graffiti. Now that all locations are finished, what’s next? How about a clip from the film itself?

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Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Continues With Tagging Events Around Country, New York and Phoenix Tonight

The new The Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign, Mark of the Spider-Man, continued over the course of the past few days; following on from the operative hunts in 6 cities on Tuesday, the 30 selected ‘operatives’ who were successful, have received instructions via phone to meet up in certain places in their specific cities. The meet-ups in Atlanta and Seattle happened on Wednesday night, the Los Angeles and Denver events finished last night, and Phoenix and New York are having theirs tonight.
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Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Updates

If you’ve been following along, a twitter account for the new The Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign, Mark of the Spider-Man, was created and sent out coordinates for several U.S. cities late last week. Following the coordinates, players found Peter Parker’s backpack full of different items, including running shoes and the clue that would lead them to a countdown. The countdown ended today and in 6 cities across the country, players were sent on a hunt. What they found may surprise you…or not. Find out more after the break! [Read more…]

“The Amazing Spider-Man” Dead Drops Found, Countdown Ends This Morning

Yesterday we reported that there dead drops in various cities as part of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man viral campaign. Since all the items have now been collected, the viral website’s countdown is out in the open for everyone to see. Now what?
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Mark of the Spider-Man Viral Event Happens Tomorrow!

When we left off, a twitter account for The Amazing Spider-Man‘s viral campaign had been created and tweeted out coordinates for dead drops in several U.S. cities. Thanks to a comment left by a reader, we now know what the next step in this campaign. Countdowns were discovered, but you had to follow some pretty confusing clues to unlock them. Find out how after the jump. [Read more…]

“The Amazing Spider-Man” Viral Begins Twitter Scavenger Hunts

When the theatrical trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man earlier this week, a hidden message was spotted toward the end. When plugged into a web address, a site was discovered with six video screens filled with static and the new film’s logo. Nobody had any clue what this was for…until tonight. What is the “Mark of the Spider-Man”? Find out after the jump. [Read more…]