This Spoilerish Interactive Trailer For “Sherlock Series 3″ Helps Deduce Answers To Some Burning Questions


It has been 2 long years since the second series (or season as we like to call our annual television shows on this side of the pond) of the BBC hit Sherlock left us with a infuriatingly and nearly impossible query, is Sherlock alive and if so…how? Now, if that question alone seems extremely spoiler heavy then consider this brand new “interactive” trailer released by BBC One to be a tidal wave of spoilerish content. While it doesn’t answer that atom bomb of a question posed just a couple of sentences ago, it certainly isn’t afraid to tip toe around it in some rather creative ways. Details on the trailer and where to find it after the break. [Read more...]

Viral Video Round Up: Andrew Garfield, Inception, Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens, LOST, and More!

The Internet is full of videos related to movies, whether they be fan made, studio made, or somewhere inbetween. We regularly bring you the best, most interesting, or just plain weirdest, and today we do it again. Check out the latest viral videos after the break.
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Sherlock: Modern Day Viral Is Afoot

One of the things that made me laugh (a lot) were the comments about the viral campaign for Sherlock Holmes, and the fact that the internet did not exist back then, and the fact that they used the internet to promote the viral. We all know that Sherlock Holmes’ was a little more involved than strictly internet and social networking, being that it involved mailings covered with old English detail, although be it minor detail. So what would happen if Mr. Holmes were part of the present day? Keep reading to find out more.
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The Buzz: Peter Jackson to Direct Hobbit, Sam Raimi’s World of Warcraft Movie, and More

The Buzz is a feature in which we round up the biggest and most popular film and television stories of the week. Why go through pages of blogs just to find out what everyone is talking about? We’ve got it all right here. Check out all the stories after the break.
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MTV Movie Award Nominees Include District 9, Paranormal Activity, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar and More

All those people that demanded Paranormal Activity to be released in theaters are called back into action again:  Katie could use your help in winning an MTV Movie Award. As for the District 9 fans, Sharlto could get some help as well for the same award. Find out how to vote for your favorites films we’ve covered at MovieViral, including categories with Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, after the jump.
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Sherlock Holmes Viral Review

Our review of the Sherlock Holmes viral comes from forum member Steve Kidd:

Before I begin my viral review, I must warn those of you who have yet to see the recent Sherlock Holmes movie that this article contains minor spoilers. If you have yet to see the film, I recommend you read Dan’s excellent review of it, see the film, then come back to this article. I saw the movie just recently, and I loved every minute of it. Robert Downey, Jr. was FANTASTIC as Holmes, and Jude Law was equally great as Watson. The film’s viral marketing was, for the most part, just as entertaining.

Back in August, a website with a mysterious URL address that was believed to tie into the film appeared out of nowhere. After entering the requested password “ADLER” (the last name of Rachel McAdams’ character, Irene Adler), visitors were greeted to a quick video message by a mysterious hooded man, and then were prompted to enter their email addresses for further updates to this new game. After that, devoted Holmes fans waited patiently until the game was afoot.

Finally, the day before Halloween, the viral went full steam ahead to reveal a new, Facebook-supported game called “221b”. Those who signed up for the email updates 2 months earlier would receive a telegram-like email alerting them to the start of this event, and then would receive updates for each new chapter as it continued along. The game was restricted to those with Facebook accounts only, as it utilized your account to post your rank at the end of mostly all of the weekly segments. After signing up, you could go at it solo or pair up with an active Facebook buddy and double-team each case.

Sherlock Holmes

The game, which consisted of a prologue and 8 “chapters”, continued for the next 7 weeks leading up the release of the movie, with new chapters release every Monday afternoon. Each chapter began and ended with video clips of either the people who hired you for each case or your boss, Inspector Lestrade, who, in a nice crossover, is played by the same actor who plays him in the movie! You could choose to play as either Holmes, where you did investigative work and stealth-oriented mini-games, or as Watson, where you mostly interviewed suspects. For every article read, trail followed to the end, successful interview, etc, you received reputation points that boosted your posted rank for that chapter, but did nothing else. You could also choose to swap between both characters to earn extra reputation points without affecting your progress!

The storyline of the game centered around the mysterious murders of 5 missing girls, and it’s up to Holmes and Watson to find out who’s responsible for these crimes. The story helps keep the players engaged and ties in very well with the movie itself by covering the events leading up directly to the opening scene of the movie, in which Holmes and Watson successfully rescue the would-be 6th victim and apprehend Lord Blackwood, the mastermind behind the disappearances and killings.

Which, sadly, bring me to the one major flaw of this viral: how it ends. After the completion of Chapter 8, the ending video requires you to see the movie and then return to the site to enter one last code to finish the game once and for all. After entering the code “Gladstone” (the name of Holmes and Watson’s dog), what do hard working players like me get for our efforts? Well, with the exception of a quick epilogue video mentioning Moriarty, we get NOTHING. No swag, no movie clip, nothing to honestly reward us for our efforts. Oh well, here’s hoping WB gives us something more substantial for the inevitable sequel.

Aside from its disappointing ending, the viral marking for Sherlock Holmes is pretty much the best movie-related viral of 2009. I felt like I was kept occupied for the past few weeks before the movie’s release solving mysteries and actually thinking like a detective. It may not be rewarding like The Dark Knight viral was, but in terms of keeping in with the continuity of the movie and giving fans of the classic detective a great connection it it, I’d say it successfully got the job done!

Final grade: A-

Sherlock Holmes and Avatar Break Box Office Records, Including The Big One

This holiday weekend was a big one for Hollywood, with several records being broken, thanks to the two most anticipated films of the month and a chipmunk. First of all, Sherlock Holmes broke the record for biggest Christmas Day opening with $24.6 million on Friday. Guess who’s #2 on that list: Avatar, which had an equally impressive $23.1 million on Friday, and even beat Holmes for the weekend. What makes Avatar‘s weekend even more special is that it had the best second weekend ever for a film with $75.6 million (The Dark Knight had previously held the record with $75.2 million). That’s a drop of only 2% from its first weekend’s $77 million opening. Any concerns about the $230 million plus movie making back its budget are out the window now that its worldwide gross is $623.6 million as of today.

You might have guessed that these large numbers might mean something larger for the weekend, and you’d be right. With $273 million, this was the highest grossing weekend EVER in film history, out surpassing last year’s July opening of The Dark Knight, which helped bring in a total $260.5 million for the box office. The great opening for Sherlock Holmes also made history, as it helped Warner Bros. become the first studio to ever gross $2 billion in a year. Overall, not a bad weekend.

Here is the full top 10 list for the Christmas weekend, via Box Office Mojo:

1. Avatar – $75.6
2. Sherlock Holmes – $62.4M
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – $48.9M
4. It’s Complicated – $22.1M
5. The Blind Side – $11.5M
6. Up in the Air – $11.3M
7. The Princess and the Frog – $9M
8. Nine – $5.45M
9. Did You Hear About the Morgans? – $5M
10. Invictus – $4.04M

Sherlock Holmes Review: An Homage To The Character We Know And Love

As a casual fan of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novel series, I was very excited to see the character realized on screen. I’ve never really had any interest in the previous television shows and movies based on Holmes, possibly because they looked a bit stiff, and frankly, old. Granted, telling a story set in late 19th century London lends itself to such stiffness, but Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes proves you can break away from the norm.

The film starts with Holmes and his best friend and colleague Dr. Watson (Jude Law) working their last case together before Watson becomes engaged to marry (much to Holmes’ chagrin). They find Lord Blackwood, who is sacrificing women as part of the black magic he’s performing. Months later, Blackwood is hung, but seemingly comes back from the dead, looking to take over a secret society and take over the world using his magic. Only Holmes and Watson can stop him, with a little help from Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), whose boss and history with Holmes are just as mysterious as the case.

One of my biggest concerns about the film after seeing the trailers was how accurate the film would be to the Holmes universe. Those who know Ritchie’s work (Snatch, Rocknrolla, to name a few) knows he has a very unique style of filmmaking, one that is very visceral and cutting edge. The stark contrast of classic England and his style work perfectly for the film, truly bringing to life Holmes and the world he lives in. The film seems to be very accurate to the time and Holmes’ world. The landlady, street address, and many characters (Adler, Inspector Lestrade) are the same, and Holmes is portrayed with neurotic perfection by Robert Downey Jr.


Although the film is action-packed, it is also very intelligent, which is a bit surprising given that there are three writers. Usually that many cooks spoil the pot, but not here. Holmes is a genius, and the story unfolds just as brilliantly. He sees everything and instantly comes up with elaborate, yet logical plans. The film is loads of fun to watch, whether it’s the great action scenes or Holmes doing his detective thing.

In fact, my only qualms with Holmes include that things are a little to easy for the title character and his colleagues. He ALWAYS has a plan, even when fighting (which is actually pretty cool, if less dramatic). Even when there’s a serious explosion involving Holmes, Watson, and Adler, we are quickly assured the effects are not deadly. My other issue is that the story meanders a bit, as you may guess with a two hour plus film. It all comes together at the end though, in a very Holmes fashion, thus revealing insequential scenes and shots to be quite important to the mystery as a whole.

I’d say the thickness of the accents were a concern, as I didn’t catch a few lines here and there, but I guess it just comes with the territory. Thanks to a witty ending that has a very smart and exciting (for fans anyway) reveal, it’s safe to say the filmmakers were planning on turning this into a franchise. Personally, I hope they do, because I would love to see more.

Final Review: B+

Feedback: What Did You Think of Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2 Trailer?

Yesterday Sherlock Holmes opened nationwide. We’ll have our review later today, but what really matters is what YOU thought of the film. For those of you who followed the viral (mainly the Facebook game), how did it tie into the film?

Also, what did you think of the Iron Man 2 trailer? Sure, it’s nice to see it at home, but you get the full impact when seeing it on the big screen. And don’t just tell us, IM2 director Jon Favreau wants to know your reaction to the trailer. In case you missed it, here’s the trailer below:

12 Days of Viral – DAY ELEVEN

On the eleventh day of viral, my movie gave to me…..

Physical mailings.

These are pretty much what can get a viral started. Yes, a website is the known thing that everyone can see and follow, but they usually come from something. Something physical. We’ll list a few items that have shown up in people’s mailboxes to get the ball rolling.

Sherlock Holmes was a viral that was all set within its makings. You have a film about a genius, who solves clues. Then, you take a site like, oh I don’t know, let’s say! A site filled with genius’ that solve clues. One of the things that people were upset about was the fact that this film started off online. Yes, the internet didn’t exist back then, but neither did Sherlock. But!

There was a little bit of information that DID exist back then. Actually, two types. Paper, and couriers (nowadays known as the mail). It may not have gotten the attention that they wanted, but the point was made and soon the viral started.

Tron Legacy pretty much stole the show when it comes to mailings. It’s one of those things that when you first get the package, it brings back that nostalgic feeling of the original Tron and thing’s like Flynn’s Arcade. This is shown on the tokens that were sent out, along with flash drives.

And if you listened to our Viralcast with Campfire’s Mike Monello, you would have heard exactly what goes into these mailings. Campfire was actually apart of some great mailings. Here’s one from Shark Week on the Discovery Channel

And of course their multi-award winning True Blood campaign started off with a mysterious letter, that if you could figure it out, then kudos to you for starting the next part. You even got blood in the mail!

Take a look here at a great video of the rest of that campaign.

Stay tuned for the last day, DAY TWELVE, for the results of what can happen when all days are played correctly.

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