Netflix Series Review – Hemlock Grove (Episodes 1 – 3)


Want to know a great way to get me interested in something? Add the name Eli Roth to any part of it and I’m sold. If one of the most iconic horror directors and one of my personal favorites is interested enough in being an executive producer on something, then I see no reason why I too shouldn’t want to check it out. And that is exactly what has brought my curiosity to the new original series for Netflix, “Hemlock Grove”. While the full series is not available until this coming Friday, we at MovieViral got a sneak peek at the first three episodes. Keep reading to find out my thoughts. MINOR SPOILERS to follow.
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Movie Review: “Stake Land”

A while back we had mentioned a small, yet gruesome viral for the film Stake Land, and how much we loved it. What’s not to love about blood soaked viral at the time of its inception? I also pointed out how much of a fan I was of director Jim Mickle’s first film, Mulberry Street, as it changed the way of the zombie film, and in a very interesting way. So who’s to say I will feel the same way about his second major film? Keep reading to find out my thoughts on Stake Land. WARNING: Spoilers exist.
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Our Most Disturbing Viral Yet Belongs To ‘Stake Land’

While viral marketing has either grabbed your attention for its whit, or gets you off your seat and outdoors, none of them have actually made you jump out of your seat………until now. What you are about to see is not for the faint of heart, and quite frankly, is one of the greatest starts to a viral campaign that I have ever seen. Keep reading for a look at the marketing for Stake Land.
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