This Spoilerish Interactive Trailer For “Sherlock Series 3″ Helps Deduce Answers To Some Burning Questions


It has been 2 long years since the second series (or season as we like to call our annual television shows on this side of the pond) of the BBC hit Sherlock left us with a infuriatingly and nearly impossible query, is Sherlock alive and if so…how? Now, if that question alone seems extremely spoiler heavy then consider this brand new “interactive” trailer released by BBC One to be a tidal wave of spoilerish content. While it doesn’t answer that atom bomb of a question posed just a couple of sentences ago, it certainly isn’t afraid to tip toe around it in some rather creative ways. Details on the trailer and where to find it after the break. [Read more…]

“Carrie” Has Gone Missing! Are You Brave Enough To Enter Her House And Find Her?


Carrie has been bad apparently and her mother has locked her away inside the house somewhere. Are you brave enough to enter the home of Margaret White and find out what happened to Carrie? If so, hit the jump and start your search. [Read more…]

Viral Video Round Up: Parks and Recreation, Denzel Washington, Daria: The Movie, And More!

The Internet is full of videos related to movies, whether they be fan made, studio made, or somewhere in between. We regularly bring you the best, most interesting, or just plain weirdest, and today we do it again. Check out the latest viral videos after the break.
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New “Riddick” Motion Comic Serves As Prequel To The Upcoming Film


Last we saw the criminal anti-hero Riddick, he had just defeated the leader of the Necromongers and been crowned their new Lord Marshall in The Chronicles of Riddick, sequel to the cult hit Pitch Black. In the upcoming third part of the trilogy, Riddick, we see that he has yet again been abandoned on a remote world filled with nasty creatures and a gang of bounty hunters out to make a name for themselves.

If you have been curious as to how he could go from Lord Marshall to being stranded on a deadly planet, there is a new motion comic called Blindsided now available that helps bridge the gap between the two films and give you some much needed insight. If you are fan of the franchise, you don’t want to miss this. You can watch the video after the break. [Read more…]

Guy Chases Girl Through 80s Movies in Music Video


Sometimes life feels like an 80s movie. At least it does for Jon Marco, whose music video features him chasing his ex through various classic 80s movies. Considering the small production, it actually looks great. The song is pretty catchy too. Check out the video after the break and see if you can name all the movies referenced.

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Get “After Earth” Survival Tips From Survival Expert Les Stroud

after earth survival

In Columbia Pictures’ After Earth, teenager Kitai Raige (played by Jaden Smith) his legendary father Cypher (Will Smith) have to survive on Earth over 1000 year after humans have left. Inspired by the film, survival expert Les Stroud shares key survival tips in the weekly After Earth Survival Video Series. Check out the first four episodes so far after the break, and be sure to subscribe to the After Earth YouTube channel for future episodes.

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Viral Video: Sci-Fi Short “ABE”


Have you ever wanted to know what a psychotic serial killer would be like as a robot? Well, VFX artist Rob McLellan has the answer in his short film ABE. The simplistic video successfully creeped me out. Check it out after the break.
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This Fan-Made “Man of Steel” Title Sequence Will Be Hard For Real Movie To Beat

man of steel title

Los Angeles-based creative production company WILL & TALE have created an impressive opening title sequence for Man of Steel. Since it gives some back story and actually shows Superman, it looks like they assumed the film would start with Superman already established in Metropolis. Thus, all the plot points we’ve heard about and seen in the trailers will be done through flashbacks or other means. Either way, it looks great, so check it out after the break.

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Cheech and Chong Take Over for 420

cheech and chong

Your favorite on-screen stoners, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, have teamed up with comedy website Funny or Die to celebrate 420, which is the unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts. They’ve made several videos, which you watch after the break or in this playlist.
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Cobra Commander Starts Kickstarter To Rebuild Cobra Island Destroyed by G.I. Joe

cobra commander

You may think that COBRA is an international terrorist organization, but according to them, they are just a worldwide organization devoted to making advancements in science and defense technology. So, with the G.I. Joes destroying their home base on Cobra Island, the Cobra Commander has started a Kickstarter to get the $21 million necessary to rebuild. Watch Cobra Commander’s video explaining everything after the break.

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