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An Uprising? Terminator Salvation Viral

by David

The most active mainstream viral as of late is Terminator Salvation. After a lull, these past few weeks were quite interesting, including some sites that might catch your eye. Hopefully with the release date looming, we are going to get more updates and mysterious sites that i expect to happen in the future. Continue reading after the jump.

I will explain each site that is part of the viral or suspected. I will also include a blog that is connected to the viral and a one blog that we are not sure yet.

EniTech Research Labs

This site is about a company that is suspicious of Skynet Research. It’s been up for a while (since 2008). The main site explains its cause:

A research-oriented company focusing on particle physics. Our current projects study theoretical faster-than-light (FTL) particles and methods to measure or recognize their interaction with other sub-atomic particles. Our laboratory is located in the Bay Area in San Francisco, California. Our company goal is to use a process we call “Open Source Research.”

Their blog updates events that are connected to Skynet Research, and how digging deeper about the truth is really haunting them, which explains how their research labs were destroyed. Very interesting. There also some EniTech videos that you might want to check out at theirYoutube channel.

Skynet Research

The main viral site for Terminator Salvation. It includes various products, testimonials, etc. What’s interesting is, when you visit the site, a female voice welcomes you but this week, the audio has been distorted, while Skynet was using caution that this was a technical difficulty. Behind that distorted audio was in fact, a hidden audio message. It has been since fixed.

Also under the ‘Products’ page, if you hover over the P, a password login pops up. There are still no indications of a ‘password’, but as Nick_Turbo of our forum said in a post, it just might be that there is.

“no back-end database set up for the website then there is just a form for a password but there is no password actually set to locate you to another page.”

It might be that this password login is just there to play mind tricks on us but hopefully it might be useful in the future.

ResistOrBeTerminated Blog

This blog might be part of the viral or just fan-based but there signs that it might be the real deal. First, are the images, which shows a Skynet security feed (seen above). In the videos below, Bre Pettis tells us a warning about Skynet, and Resist Or Be Terminated, when they were decoding the hidden audio message, found a “video code”.

If i were you, i would follow this blog, whether it’s real or not.


Skynet Research also has a Twitter account, in which they respond to any feedback. Dan, executive editor of MovieViral, tweeted to Skynet and they responded back! Also, the Resist Or Be Terminated blog has a Twitter account called ‘Resist Skynet‘.

The Human Resistance?

There is also one site that is quite unique but rumors around the viral forums on the internet say it’s not part of the viral. Still very interesting to check out nothing less. There’s also a countdown but for what?

Overall, this is builiding up to be a very interesting and unique viral for Terminator Salvation. I would like to thank Corey of our forums for various findings that contribute to this article, as well as Nick_Turbo for the password login issue, and various others (Ian, Cwoolboy) for other mainstream news of this film. I will also be making a Twitter account to interact more with Skynet Research soon.

Also check out the Terminator Salvation section on our forum and other viral sections for upcoming films!


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