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Viral Me This! – July Contest

by Robert Sugar

Ready for another contest? I sure am.

This month we’ll be doing a cool contest, called Viral Me This! You have a chance to win a cool prize!

What do you have to do?

  • Well, you have to create your own little Viral Campaign for MovieViral.com! Whether it be a YouTube video, flyers at your local store, a website or another idea, make sure it’s original and creative.If you do some sort of a flyer or poster, make sure you take a picture of it in it’s final resting place (IE: On the window at the local store).The point is to get people talking about MovieViral.com and bring traffic to the website!

What can I win?*

  • Well, there’s two prizes possible. You can win a Bob Saget AUTHENTIC autograph or a new watch, MSRP $495.00! It’s your choice!

    (Actual model watch you’d win, but both are examples)

When does it end?

  • We stop accepting entries Friday, July 31st and will pick a winner by Monday, August 3rd.

How do I enter?

  • To enter you must be a member on our forum, which is located at www.MovieViral.com/forum. You must have at least 5 posts and you MUST have a creative entry!

Who will pick the winner?

  • The winner will be picked by MovieViral.com Editor-in-Chief Nick Butler! He will judge the entries on the following criteria:
  1. Level of creativity.
  2. Level of originality.
  3. Effectiveness.
  4. “WOW” factor (the thing that makes you want to know more).
  5. Overall presentation.

    Email your entries to NickButler@MovieViral.com

I’m Confused, and I still have questions!

And remember – BE CREATIVE!

*Prizes are subject to change.


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