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2012: San Diego Drop Findings

by Dan Koelsch

Update: You can download the pictures here. It’s just more schematics of Noah’s Ark 2.0.

Once again, the guys at Unfiction have come through for us. Today there was yet another drop for the 2012 viral, this time in San Diego. There were the same the items again (phone, flash drive, etc.), and we got this code:

537461747573204272696566696E672C204F63746F62657220 3130

44756520746F20726563656E74206661696C7572657320696E 2073656375726974792C2077652061726520706572666F726D 696E6720616E20696D6D656469617465
4C6576656C20332073656375726974792073776565702E2041 73206120726573756C7420796F75722061636365737320696E 666F726D6174696F6E20666F72206F7572
7365637572652066696C652073797374656D20686173206265 656E206368616E6765642E

596F7572206E657720757365726E616D6520666F7220746865 2073797374656D2069733A

466F7220736563757269747920707572706F7365732C20796F 75722070617373776F72642077696C6C2062652073656E7420 756E64657220736570617261746520636F7665722E

416C6C2073746166662C20706C65617365206E6F7465207468 61742074686973206F76657276696577206973204579657320 4F6E6C7920616E642073686F756C64206265

..which was translated into:

RE: Project Naaczaal Status Briefing, October 10

Due to recent failures in security, we are performing an immediate Level 3 security sweep. As a result your access information for our secure file system has been changed. Your new username for the system is:safehaven2012

For security purposes, your password will be sent under separate cover. All staff, please note that this overview is Eyes Only and should bedeleted after reading.

The breach most likely refers to Ulfert and Mr. Corruption Theory giving out the details for the drop locations. Corruption Theory mentions it himself in his newest blog, saying his access at work has been “somewhat curtailed” lately. Charlie Frost speculates that CT works for Aerospace Robotics Corp., which makes sense given that this all seems to be pointing towards a spaceship being built. Could this new username be the one on the Aerospace Robotics website? If so, hopefully the DC Drop will have the password so we can finally log in.

There are also reports from those who got packages that they have received text messages recently, though nothing new as of yet, just more about the security breach. If there are any pictures/schematics with this package, we’ll update the article.

The question I have is, where will this spaceship go? Or is it just a habitat to tide us over for a few years? I’m not even sure why this is all secretive and scandalous, but I’m sure we’re find out soon. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

For those who need a refresher on what the heck is going on, check out Charlie Frost’s latest blog, where he breaks it down for you. 2012 is in theaters November 13th and you can discuss these updates to the viral here, or on our forum. Also check out the MovieViral 2012 page for information on the film and its viral campaign.


As always, thanks to the unfiction forum for the help!


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